Where to get Wacky Car Stickers in Dubai

A lot of us love to customize our things, from clothes to cars. With custom seat covers, steering wheels and what not, our cars echo our personalities. If you’re looking for wacky car stickers in Dubai, here’s where to find them. Yellow Hat is where you can find cool car accessories all in one place! I visited their store at Times Square Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, and loved their range of car perfumes, battery chargers, car mats, and lots more! What got my attention, was also their range of wacky and humorous car stickers. Here’s an example: For store timings, location, and other details, visit their website www.yellowhat.ae. Do you know of any other places to find amazing car accessories? Share with the community in the comments below!

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Pinay Flying High

Lol, that’s funny!


Thank you! People with a sense of humor always receive a warm welcome here! 🙂