When Mom is Alone With Baby

We all know how the internet is full of memes on why you shouldn’t leave dads alone with their babies. Let me refresh your memory with some hilarious ones.

But dear dads, you’ve got tough competition! I asked some mischievous mums on some of the most naughty things they do with their babies when nobody’s looking. The answers were equally hilarious. Read on.

“I always eat chocolates in front of them and make faces saying, ‘Yuck, it is so bitter!’, just so that they don’t ask me for chocolates.” – @womanindubai

“When I am very tired and little N is on no mood to play on his own, I play an episode of peppa pig for him until I grab a cup of coffee to get some energy to get back to my mommy duties.” – @chandniatsheikhland

“I make the funniest of faces and sounds to see that cheeky smile on his face and watch him giggle. I even do that on our evening walks when nobody’s looking.” – @mintberrydxb

“I close myself in my bedroom sometimes to get that much needed 2 minutes of peace.” – @mummyonmymind

“I walked past my toddler’s cot while she was asleep and stepped on a Lego block. The gasp I made woke her up excitedly thinking it was a bright new day. There I was, standing in mid pain, pretending to be asleep. She saw my eyes closed and went back into slumber.” – @tassybassa

“I refuse to let my kids eat lollies from their party bags. Then I eat them myself later.” – @katiefielderdxb

“I make my kid run around as much as possible before the flight so that he gets tired and sleeps right after take-off.” – @makeupandliterature

“I tell my kids all the time that they can eat chocolates only on the weekend, but sometimes binge on them on weekdays myself. If caught, I tell them that I found the vegetable spicy and so I needed it.” – @divabeautyae

“I gave her spicy food because I wanted to see her reaction and expression. The most naughty was to get her pants on my head and then show my naughty face.

And please don’t tell my husband, I usually tell her to ‘Ask papa. Mumma is busy, ask papa.” – @ayutanimoto

“I eat their rare bit of junk that they eat (chocolates or chips) in larger portions so that they get less. I also give them screen time during meals so that the meal times are easier amd at least they are fed” – @starsinthedesert

“I tease her that daddy loves me more.” – @meghnadixitsubramanium

“I share her fruit pouches with her. One spoon for Leila, one spoon for mumma!” – @donnehanynafad

“I buy Mc Donald’s fries for him and end up eating most myself.” – @frommummytonayel

“So every now and then, we both go and stand in line for free pancakes at the bakery in Spinneys. But then everyone’s looking, not that we care.” – @priyankawade

And finally, some naughty things that I do..

“I kiss my husband in front of her and tell her he’s my daddy (no pun intended) Shes too young to feel possessive but I dont mind stealing the kiss cz now his attention is all towards her.

I once gave her chocolate Loacker biscuit (my all time favorite) to eat. She kept playing with it for 5 minutes. Finally, I took it from her saying, “you don’t play with this stuff! And I ate it myself.” – @Sliceofdubai

Are you guilty of doing some naughty things too? Let me know in the comments below!

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