VicenzaOro Dubai, 2015 – Fine Italian Jewelry, at your doorstep!

Vicenzaoro dubai 2015

Dubai is veritably the City of Gold, and draws jewelry makers from all over the world to display their designs. VicenzaOro Dubai is a fine Italian jewelry exhibition, organised by the The Italian Trade Agency through it’s Dubai office and is being held this year between 23-26th April, at the “I Love it” Pavilion – Dubai World Trade Center.

VicenzaOro was previously held in Venice, and now it has moved to glamorous and luxurious Dubai! It is a ‘by invitation only’ event that boasts of 700 Exhibitors from 40 countries – 150 of them being Italian, to represent 24 high-end jewelry companies. Visitors can now catch the opportunity to really understand  the ‘heart’ of each single piece and how it is born, grown and evolved into a fine piece of art.

Being a lover of quirky items – I set out to look for some unique pieces on my visit to VicenzaOro on it’s opening day. I was far from disappointed.  Handmade exquisite jewelry pieces inspired by everything from history to science fiction, the fine Italian Jewelers had it all on display and they were happy to interact with whoever wished to know more. Rows after rows of expensive, luxurious metals and stones were on display, complete with a common seating area for interaction and business networking.

While I returned awestruck by the designs and made several Italian friends at the VicenzaOro Dubai exhibition, I leave you with some unique, eclectic finds – cherry picked from among hundreds of stalls featuring Italian Jewelry, just for you!

Oro trend italian jewelry at VicenzaOro Dubai
I was awed by this delicately swirling handcrafted leaf design by Italian Makers – Oro Trend S.R.L. Their jewelry is luxurious and 100% handmade. Visit stall no. C191 to experience Italian designs crafted using gold diamonds, tourmaline, topaz, citrine, amethyst, coral, turquoise and more!


Chunky pieces of 24 carat gold-plated silver from stall A-192, owned by 2 friends owning Lunar S.R.L. and Bivio Gioielli respectively – are eye catching attention seekers!


What caught my attention to the chunky pieces of Italian Jewelry from Auraria S.R.L. besides the striking bejeweled ornaments, were the gorgeous displays that worked as backdrop!



Seemingly rigid rings, earrings and bracelets from Giloro S.R.L. are surprisingly flexible and as Mr. Gilberto Preda demonstrates. Each microscopic piece of gold is put into place by skilled craftsmen, taking up to one day to create a single item. Hats off!


Stunning coral jewelry from Oro di Sciacca literally made me stop and take notice! These jewelry pieces are interestingly made from 9 karat gold, since the copper color of the metal most closely resembles the color of the red coral.


Delicate pieces of colored glass were put together by craftsmen of Stella Marina in this intricate mosaic, embellished with bright emeralds. I’m definitely giving this full points!
For statement jewelry that complements both – the Little Black Dress as well as the evening gown, head to Stella Marina S.R.L. A must-visit for all gemstone lovers.


Lightweight, nature designs are the main feature of Lucchette Armando S.R.L.’s collection. I can totally imagine this elegant bracelet on my wrist, complementing a casual outfit at the next do!


Although not exactly my taste, this bamboo inspired jewelry from Daniela Vettori is for those serious quirk-boxes out there!


Head over to Collaro Gioielli for elaborate handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, in white gold – encrusted with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Their curved designs and bold use of gemstones is what sets them apart from most others!


Jewelry inspired by the weddings of sSouthern Italy -
The Italian jewelry pieces from Gerardo Sacco & C. S.R.L. are inspired by the wedding gowns of brides in historical southern Italy. Wedding dresses are often embellished with detachable jewelry pieces that can be take off after use. Some items from their collection also reflect Greek influences.

What are your favorite pieces from those mentioned above? What do you think best reflects your style? Tell us in the comments below!

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