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Going on a holiday this Eid ul Adha? Are you one of those like me, who packs more than you actually end up wearing?
For all of you who struggle with packing light, we bring to you expert tips from Latifa Al Gurg – Founder of Twisted Roots, a high end label that specializes in Travel clothes for women.

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Latifa al Gurg - Founder of Twisted Roots
Latifa al Gurg – Founder of Twisted Roots

Mother of three, yet looking as stunning as a newly wed, Latifa began her entrepreneurial journey after her youngest child was old enough to go to school. With support from her husband, she literally began her journey from the drawing board – when she went to London to study Fashion Designing.

Armed with knowledge gathered after months of research and focus group interviews, Latifa al Gurg launched her maiden collection that caters to women who love to travel in April 2015. Team Slice of Dubai visited her workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai for a one on one. Here’s bringing to you expert tips to travel in style – right from the horse’s mouth!

Mrs. HD: Twisted Roots is an interesting name. What prompted it?
Latifa: My friend and I often joke about our mixed descent. My mother is Danish, and father – Emirati, therefore we call ourselves ‘Twisted’ in jest. Thus the name Twisted Roots, as a representation of our mixed culture.
Also, I believe that every place you visit, no matter for how long – always has an impact on you. Every new experience changes you a bit even though you may not realize it -you pick up local mannerisms, learn a new custom, meet new people. You also do leave some of your roots behind wherever you travel.


Mrs. HD: What inspired you to start a line of clothing especially for Travel wear?

Latifa: As you can see, I like to cover when I travel. But at the same time I want to look stylish and keep up with the holiday spirit.
Due to this, I often faced a problem finding longer tunics and pants that were fashionable yet modest at the same time. Also, longer sleeves and thicker fabrics do not necessarily suit every climate and I would feel hot and uncomfortable during outdoor trips. I started Twisted Roots to cater to women who face similar problems like me.

Latifa posing with her maiden collection at Twisted Roots
Latifa posing with her maiden collection at Twisted Roots


Mrs HD: That’s interesting. Tell us more about your collection.
Latifa: The current collection at Twisted Roots mainly consists of comfortable knits and silk that travel well and look classy. Most of these materials are sourced from abroad. The collection follows a neutral color scheme and consists of versatile pieces that can be carried forward from season to season. At Twisted Roots, we pay a lot of attention to detail. We opt for French seams so that the stitches are not visible. Also, we use 6 threads instead of 3 so that our clothes are more durable.

Mrs. HD: Silk for travel? Really?
Latifa: Silk as you know it, tends to absorb heat. However, the silk we use for our outfits is manufactured specially and only for us. I ensure that the material is light and breathable, and yet not transparent. This way, Twisted Roots outfits provide the rich look and feel of silk, while being comfortable at the same time.

Mrs HD: Talking about travel, since your line specializes in travel wear, would you please share some travel packing tips for our readers?
Latifa: Sure, here goes:

  1. When travelling, stick to one color  palette. This way, everything will match each other. For example, stick to a pink, taupe, white and blue color scheme which all match a regular pair of dark jeans and black heels. Brown shoes have no place in this palette and hence, no matter how much I love them – they should be left behind.
  2. If your trip is going to last a few days, yet you’d like to travel light – mix and match is the way to go. Sticking to the same color palette also helps you match the same top with a different pair of pants for a completely different look.
  3. Carry a few basics that suit every situation and can be easily carried from day to night.
  4. I’m a big fan of statement necklaces. It is amazing how just adding a single piece makes your outfit look completely different. Necklaces are easy to carry and are a great way to create a new look out of the same outfit.
  5. Adding a jacket onto a basic outfit instantly makes for a sophisticated evening outfit. That way you do not have to carry different outfits for day and night, and casual and formal.
  6. Knits travel well and do not need to be ironed. Pack these if you want to avoid frequent visits to the laundry.

Here’s a few outfit ideas Latifa put together for a 5 day trip this Eid holiday. She has only used 3 tops, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shoes and statements necklaces and bags to create travel, day and evening looks. Get inspired!

About Twisted Roots:
Twisted Roots is a high end fashion label started by Emirati Fashion Designer Latifa Al Gurg. Taking charge of the indie fashion scene, Latifa creates contemporary, stylish travel wear for women, who are always on the go. She also has her own conceptual store located in Al Quoz 3, ready for drop in customers when she’s not busy selling her stuff on social media.

Here’s some of our favorite looks from her collection. Click here to view the full Twisted Roots Collection.

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