The New Woman in my Husband’s Life

A new woman has entered my husband’s life, and its making me feel insecure. Gone are the days when I used to be the apple of his eye. Now all he does is obsess over her. 

The happy couple selfies on his phone gallery are now replaced by pictures of her in different poses – every single expression that ever formed on her face is now chronicled. 
No longer do his eyes search for me everytime he comes back home from work. They dart right past to focus on whichever corner she is in.

Our quality time of dinner and late night movies is now replaced with him humming in her ears and impromptu dancing sessions. She loves the attention of course. 

I don’t fully blame him though. I mean look at her – she’s exquisite! With a perfect pout and innocent eyes, she has the power to make him dance on the tip of her long slender fingers. And who would not be captivated with her shiny hair and soft skin? 

The way her hands hold on to his fingers makes his heart skip a beat, he says. Just one look at her and the day’s worth of stress melts away, he says. These words were once used to describe me.

Never have I felt this replaceable before-where just one day – and just one look at her petite frame has made all the difference. I would have never known a change of heart was possible this quickly until the 20th of November, 2016 – the day Zahra Husain Doriwala was born.

I guess the term ‘daddy’s girl’ was coined for a reason, as the bond between a man and his daughter can only be understood by few. Least of all by the discerning mother who desperately tries to claw her way back in to her husband’s heart. While she bleeds and heals from the physical and emotional scars that she has endured since the last 9 months, the new entrant with just one smile can take it all away.

A new woman has entered my husband’s life, and as much as I’m proud of creating her, knowing she’s nothing but a small part of me – its still making me feel insecure. 

Anybody else feel the same?

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Arwa, Congrats on baby Zahra! She looks beautiful!!

Deepti xx |


Oh yes. Felt the same even though my first one was a boy. I think it also has to do with our hormones and every single thing just sets us off.
And congrats on having the baby. She definitely is cute and a stress melter