Review: The Coffee Club, Wasl Vita

The Coffee Club, Wasl Vita

All hell breaks loose, when you attend a restaurant review with a baby in tow. The Coffee Club at Wasl Vita was Zahra’s first tasting with us, and the true baby blogger that she is, she wanted to try everything! Tantrums and tears followed our refusal to comply. Luckily, the staff were more than eager to baby sit and we got a true taste of why the restaurant is so highly rated on Zomato.

What hit us as soon as we walked in were the stylish, contemporary interiors and the subtle lighting of the place. With full length windows overlooking the Wasl road, The Coffee Club boasts of a great view and some natural light. Perfect spot for a casual tète a tete.

Coming to the actual tasting, we tried the following:

  1. Chicken Quinoa Salad
  2. Mac & Cheese
  3. Chocolate brownie milkshake
  4. Crème brûlée milkshake
  5. Classic Calamari with chips
  6. Thai Curry with jasmine rice
Chicken Quinoa Salad at the coffee club
Chicken Quinoa Salad at the coffee club

We started off with chicken quinoa salad, which is a fresh, crunchy mix of quinoa, rocket leaves, red cabbage, grilled chicken and seasoning. Its a yummy appetizer and alone keeps you going when you are moderately hungry. We personally found the salad a bit bland, but after a bit of salt and pepper – the quinoa salad was just fine.

Classic Mac and Cheese
Classic Mac and Cheese

Along with the salad, we ordered the Mac+cheese going by the staff’s recommendation. Boy, this was our favorite dish of the evening! Hot balls of perfectly cooked macaroni, gooey cheese seasoned to perfection with just the right amount of crunch outside. Our only grouse with this dish was that there is not enough of it on the plate! We’d suggest you order one of it per person because you definitely don’t want to share.


Next arrived our beverages for the afternoon. Considering the heat outside, we ordered for a chocolate brownie and Crème brûlée milkshake respectively. The presentation was on point, temperature perfect and and taste delectable. I usually always stick to safer chocolate of cold coffee, so the Crème brûlée milkshake was a welcome change for me.



Classic Calamari and chips
Classic Calamari and chips

We moved on to the mains and tasted the Classic Calamari and chips. The Calamari was fresh and crispy. But slightly chewy for our liking. No complaints on the chips though, as they were large and enough to satiate your appetite.

Thai curry with jasmine rice
Thai curry with jasmine rice

We also ordered some Chicken Thai Curry with Steamed Jasmine Rice. I’m glad we specified the spice quotient to be toned down, as we found the curry to be slightly hot inspite of ordering ‘mild’. You might want to keep that in mind if you can’t handle spicy food.
Now that we have spice out of the way, the curry was delicious with a strong flavor of lemongrass. One of the best Thai Curries we have tasted so far – this one comes with a generous helping of jasmine rice which is good to last 1 person.

The Coffee Club at Wasl Vita is a great place for casual weekend brunches with friends. The casual vibe, friendly staff and relaxed decor sets the perfect mood for a day well spent. With an all day breakfast menu boasting of some classic as well as innovative items – there is not much you can go wrong with.

If you’d like to give The Coffee Club a try, you can visit any one of their following branches:
Wasl Vita
Times Square Center
Golden Mile Palm Jumeirah
Cluster W, JLT
Jumeirah 1
Riverland Dubai

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