8 days, 8 Frizz Control Products


April = Summer = Humidity = Frizz+Dryness You don’t have to be a math genius to understand this equation. As we inevitably progress towards the hotter days in April, rising humidity levels and hours spent in air conditioned indoors can make our hair frizzy and dry. Link to this post!

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Try or Trash the Tassels Trend?

Apart from the bright colors, frills and florals – there’s one thing that we’ve noticed almost EVERY WHERE this summer. It’s tassels, and some more tassels, that are omnipresent this season – be it on clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. Even celebrities are not afraid to flaunt this trend at festivals like Coachella, or on the red carpet for an offbeat look, and fashionistas are quick to lap up whatever that’s deemed cool. We don’t know if it is about the movement that they create, or the colorful melange of […]

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