Summer Friendly Makeup: Nouba Cosmetics Review

Nouba cosmetics spring summer

Its officially Summer in Dubai!

As important as it is to feel fresh, looking fresh all day can be a major task. Along with random break-outs and heat headaches, make-up woes just add to our list of things we dislike about the season. I’m talking of all our favorite liquid foundations that look magical on application, but make the face look like an oil factory midway through the day, or those lip colors that smudge and run having a mind of their own. Not to forget the melted tubes and runny gels.

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Nouba’s Spring-Summer range of cosmetics at Mirdif City Center, Dubai. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Exciting melange of colors at the Nouba cosmetics Spring Summer launch at City Center Mirdif, Dubai The Nouba pop up store providing beauty advice and free make-overs outside Centrepoint, Mirdif City Center, Dubai  Nouba cosmetics Spring Summer launch at City Center Mirdif, Dubai  Nouba cosmetics Spring Summer launch at City Center Mirdif, Dubai Color me pretty! Which of these nail-polishes are your pick? Water proof range of lip glosses that stay put even as you shine on! Nouba's range of gorgeous lip colors for the season A closer look at Nouba's range of gorgeous lip colors for the season Chisom Nwoso and Namita Thakkar posing pretty at the launch event

The one thing that stood out for me during the entire presentation was how well it’s products claim to adapt to the middle eastern summer.
Long-lasting powder foundations that are as easy to spread as cream but render a matte glow to keep oiliness at bay, non-sticky lip glosses that retain their shine even as you gulp down gallons of water or take a dip in the pool (yes!), matte lip stains that don’t dry your lips and last all day and more (personal favorite), colorful eye shadow palettes, eye pencils, blushers, bronzers and more to make you feel like a diva – Nouba has a whole lot of promises in it’s arsenal this season!

But do these Nouba products quite make the cut? Lets find out, as Slice of Dubai reviews a few samples from it’s Spring Summer range.

Nouba Spring Summer Range of long-lasting cosmetics
A few samples Nouba Spring Summer Range of long-lasting cosmetics – reviewed by Slice of Dubai

Millebaci Liquid lip color, No. 7

Millebaci Liquid lip color, No. 7

The Millebaci Liquid lip color, No. 7 is an intense cherry red for all you glamorous party-goers! The highly pigmented lip color offers deep color on the very first swipe and sticks to it’s promise of being the ultimate long-lasting stain. Once dry, it can withstand just about anything and not even regular make-up removers can get it off completely. The Millebaci liquid lip colors can only be removed with baby oil.

Millebaci Liquid lip color, No. 7
A swatch of the Millebaci Liquid lip color, No. 7

I decided to test it myself, and the Millebaci Liquid lip color is indeed a toughie to remove. A simple swatch withstood a shower, dish-washing and even an overnight slumber! I finally used some baby oil to take it off, but you can still see some traces of the previous swatch on the top right of the new one.

This quality sort of put me off wearing the Millebaci Liquid lip color for daily wear as I do not want perpetual red stained lips. However for those special nights out, where the diva must shine all night, I’d definitely recommend trying this red hot shade!

Mimesis Eyeshadow – Ombretto 164

Nouba Mimesis Eyeshadow - Ombretto 164

The Mimesis Eye shadow – Ombretto 164 is a soft pastel pink, great for daily wear as it enhances your natural tone.  The eye shadow offers a pearly finish with just a hint of gold shimmer, making it a perfect choice for when you’re short on time but need to look your best! A translucent swipe can be used to highlight your brows, while a more intense coat can be applied to the entire eyelid for a dewy look.

A swatch of the Mimesis Eye shadow - Ombretto 164
A swatch of the Mimesis Eye shadow – Ombretto 164

The natural pink shade of the The Mimesis Eye shadow – Ombretto 164, with just a hint of shimmer also makes it a great makeshift blusher, instantly illuminating your cheek bones in a couple of swipes. I’m all for multi-functional products and so am definitely adding this to my daily make-up kit!

Nouba 70 Eye Pencil

Nouba 70 eye pencil

Intense black color in a single swipe is great for dramatic eyes, be it any occasion. The Nouba 70 eye pencil provides just that, and more! The easy grip ‘magic wand’ comes with a super enriched formula complete with virgin bee and vegetable oils to make it soft, smudge-proof, long-lasting and nourishing. No clumpy particles and easy glide make it one of the most comfortable and soothing eye pencils around!


Nouba eye pencils in this collection come with attractive crystals glued to the other end, which give make for an attractive display. Get them in all colors we say!

MaskarOne Triple Volume Mascara

Mascarone Triple Volume Mascara

The intense formula of the MaskarOne Triple Volume Mascara is infused with ‘capisheres’-micro spheres of fatty acids and vegetable oils. The mascara comes with an over sized, easy to hold applicator wand with hundreds of bristles that are designed to make your eyes pop!

MaskarOne Triple Volume Mascara
The MaskarOne Triple Volume Mascara

What I love about the MaskarOne Triple Volume Mascara is that unlike most other mascaras available in the market, this one does not clump my eyelashes at all. Even 3 coats later, my lashes still stood out on their own, rather than in a sticky mess. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how my average looking lashes suddenly began to appear longer, thicker and visibly more stunning.

It’s a wrap!

I would definitely recommend Nouba products to all of you since they deliver what they promise. The new Spring Summer collection with bold colors is definitely designed with the Dubai summer in mind, for a look that never falters. Grab these products and explore the full range at all Lifestyle stores across the U.A.E.


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