SoD BrandFocus: Shea Butter DXB

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Hello lovely ones! Its such an exciting time for me right now, with a packed work schedule, baby Z at home, Ramadan and ofcourse the Slice of Dubai blog and Instagram going great guns. Its amazing how I’m getting so much done by challenging, motivating and pushing myself a little more everyday. With so many new updates introduced on all platforms and so many bloggers doing inspiring work – I too am teeming with ideas on streamlining my content and bringing out posts you will enjoy in the days to come.

If you follow me on Insta Stories, I recently introduced a new segment called Brand In Focus. In this segment, I pick up one brand and talk about my favorite tried & tested products from their kitty. Simple? Let’s go!

Today’s Brand In Focus is Shea Butter DXB – a homegrown brand that imports high quality Shea Butter from Africa and boasts of a range of Shea Butter based products here in the UAE. (Stay tuned for giveaway at the end)

They have Pure Shea Butter, Lip scrubs and the recently launched Shea Butter soaps as a part of their product line.

What I loved:

Raw organic Shea Butter: (AED 150 for 1 kg)

Shea Butter DXB’s shea butter is sold by the kilo and comes in an elegant mason jar. Ever since I tried it for the first time, I do find myself reaching out to it multiple times a day. After a bath on my post pregnancy stretch marks, on my hands after washing the dishes, on my lips and feet before bedtime and a lot of times just because I feel like it. Love how the butter instantly melts onto the skin and moisturizes it.

However, since I am born with a clumsy set of butter fingers, I prefer to empty out smaller quantities in a separate container and use it from there. The glass mason jar is best left alone rather than handling with greasy hands.

Shea Butter Soap: (AED 20-30 each)

Shea Butter DXB has 5 varieties of soap – Coffee beans, Oudh Incense, Tea tree oil, Laurel Oil and Musk & Amber. I’ve tried the Coffee beans variant so far and boy!

To give you a background, firstly – Iam a huge fan of anything with coffee in it. The Svelta Luxe Coffee and Raw Sugar body scrub is my favorite product of all time. Besides, using coffee for the skin also has a host of benefits. Improving complexion and skin radiance, getting rid of dead skin cells, improving blood circulation are just a few. It explains why I chose to try the coffee variant first.

The Coffee Beans and Shea Butter soap by Shea Butter DXB is dark brown in color and smells of a combination of the nutty shea butter and freshly ground coffee. Yum!

It has tiny coffee particles that gently scrub your skin while you bathe to give you an instantly smoother feel. This soap is also great to use on the face, so I skipped face wash altogether while trying the Coffee Bean and Shea Butter soap.
Usually after using facewash my skin feels stretchy, dry and slightly itchy until I slap on some moisturizer. However, with this soap I could feel the creaminess even during the wash. My skin feels plumper and happier after use and it has definitely given it that glow that lasts hours. Add to that, the scent of coffee thats got me feeling all sexy and confident.I’m truly tempted to add this soap to my staples! Although I haven’t tried the remaining soaps yet, I’m confident that they too will deliver amazing results owing to their shea goodness.

So that’s it. Hope you guys enjoyed my candid #SoDBrandFocus review. Watch this space and my insta stories for reviews on Rimmel, Maxfactor, Derma E, and many more! Which other brands would you like to see?


  1. PS: I’m running a contest on Instagram where I’m giving one lucky winner a chance to win a Shea Butter jar and the entire range of soaps. Check my Instagram page for details! (Contest closes June 14, 2017)

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Wow! This stuff looks amazing! Can you only buy it online in the US do you know? Great post! <3