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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, when it comes to one of our recent experiences, I think it easily applies to women as well.

What if there was a place that served a Pani Puri – without a puri or a Black Forest Cake that is not served in slices? Our tasting session at Tresind was one full of surprises that challenged our conventional ideas of what Indian cuisine should look and taste like. With clever usage of molecular gastronomy, chefs at Tresind are successful in challenging and capturing the imagination of their patrons.

Tresind, Nasimi Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed road

Located on level 2 of the Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed road, this modern Indian restaurant is all set to push the culinary boundaries in this region. They pride themselves for their theatrical display of food while delivering spectacular Indian cuisine experience.

Tresind boasts an in-house lounge which serves their signature cocktails, indulgent wine & spirits, to be enjoyed by their patrons.  While being escorted to our table we were able to glance at its magnificent interiors which are not overly done, yet presents a casual ambiance to indulge with your friends & family.

Soon we were asked our meal preferences and thus began our enticing journey witnessing theatrical dishes from their summer menu which were not only a treat for the eyes but also our taste buds.

Our welcome entrée included some fluffy Pav (bread) marinated in zaatar served along with chick pea (indian chana) hummus & pickled olives with sundried tomatoes. It was certainly a nice mix of Indian pickles along with our local cuisine favorite.

Pav (indian bread) marinated in zaatar served along with chick pea (indian chana) hummus & pickled olives with sundried tomatoes


Soon a trolley rolled besides our table with Chef Heena introducing us to a concept of Deconstructed Pani-Puri which is unique considering the fact we have had endless plates of pani-puri from street food vendors. Yet, we were amazed at this non-conventional method.

It consists of mint flavored paani dropped into a tangy liquid named sodium algenate. These are left aside for a few seconds until the green drops form into gel bubbles.

Deconstructed Pani Puri at TresindThey are then dropped into cold water and immediately served with Imli (tamarind) & Bundi.

Deconstructed Pani Puri at Tresind
Deconstructed Pani Puri at Tresind

You are then supposed to pop the entire serving into your mouth in one go. The experience thereafter is very unique. The cold bubble of mint paani instantly pops in your mouth leaving a nice soothing taste while the bundi adds a crunch.


Post a gob smacking entrée of Deconstructed Pani Puri, we witnessed Tresind’s renowned Deconstructed Chaat trolley which is simply a beautiful interpretation of ingredients dropped onto a canvas creating an artistic experience. Be prepared to keep your camera rolling to capture the unique theatrical preparation. It commences with Chef Tarun dropping Gujrati Dhokla into Liquid Nitrogen and frozen completely at -190 degree Celsius.

Tresind Summer Menu (4)


To this he adds  tamarind chutney, mint &  coriander chutney, sweet yogurt, chaat masala gel, palak patta fry, mustard water, fresh pomegranate, nimbu sev followed by red chili pepper, hence making it ready to serve.

Tresind Summer Menu (6)

Deconstructed chaat trolley
Deconstructed chaat trolley


We were then served some refreshing drinks from their summer menu. The presentation for most of them is interesting, and each drink has a story to tell.

Tresind Summer Menu (26)
Virgin  Pinole: Straight from the stock of Native American Indians, this is another tiki cocktail with Ron Zacapa, mixed fruit juice, burnt cinnamon, honey and cream

Tresind Summer Menu (27)

Tresind Summer Menu (25)
Tum Sum: Inspired by a traditional Thai salad, this drink is a sweet lassi with cardamom topped with raw papaya
Tresind Summer Menu (10)
Coulis: A refreshing drink made up of assorted berries. The presentation though is intriguing with its wooden bucket nest, complete with a bird on top.
Tresind Summer Menu (8)
Virgin Pirate: An orange, pineapple and lemon grass drink served in a pirate jug atop crushed ice


Next to arrive was the the interesting ‘Mushroom tea’ which is essentially a soup prepared from a special type of Mushrooms, bred solely in Kashmir – a northern state of India. If this isn’t exotic enough for you, to the tea is added 2 heaped teaspoons of white truffle powder. When followed by a few flakes of dehydrated mushrooms, the ‘chai’ is ready to sip, with all its delicious goodness!

Mushroom Tea at Tresind


A unique introduction to their summer tasting menu was this beautiful salad consisting of chicken tikka carpaccio with litchi & tarragon topped with chaat masala. it is served in a bowl covered with cling film consisting of apple-wood smoke. The film is pierced allowing the lovely aroma to seep through giving patrons a lovely experience in each bite.

Tresind Summer Menu (15)


Another salad on the Tresind Summer Menu is for the veggies amongst you. A light, fresh curd chutney with mixed spices topped with fresh salad leaves and dehydrated bread is a great accompaniment to your food.

Kuchumber salad at Tresind


Arriving next included intricately prepared Dahi kebab set in a sphere made of fried potato strings which are stuffed with warm moist paste of yogurt, onion & garlic topped with delicious smoked muhummara chutney and served with a walnut crumble base.

Tresind Summer Menu (18)

Tresind Summer Menu (16)

Tresind Summer Menu (20)


By far one of the dishes that impressed us the most is their Sea Bass recheado marinated in goan masala dressed with fine chopped onions, tomatoes, baby radish, pickled shallots & topped with micro greens to add a refreshing bite to the fish. To this fish fillet, sautéed veggies prepared right in front of us are added so as to retain its color & texture.

Tresind Summer Menu (28)

Tresind Summer Menu (29)

Tresind Summer Menu (30)


Another must order would be their Chicken / Paneer Cafreal with green peppercorn. Usually pieces of fried crunchy chicken/ paneer served with delicious chutney comprising of mint & coriander topped with green chili & bell pepper served in a Mexican version of molcajete bowl which helps in retaining its umami taste.

Tresind Summer Menu (22)

Tresind Summer Menu (23)


A welcome break from the array of yummy starters came in the form of Lemon and Mint Sorbet palate cleansers. A refreshing lemon sorbet is served sprinkled with salt and chaat masala inside lemon peels.

Tresind Summer Menu (38)

Tresind Summer Menu (39)

Tresind Summer Menu (40)


In main courses, Tresind’s summer menu includes some classic Indian dishes such as Tawa chicken along with kadak pav and Moroccan chickpea ‘Chana Bhatura’. Both included a contemporary flair with classic flavors. Tawa chicken with thick tomato gravy & succulent pieces of chicken served with pav. Another delicious main course is the Chana Bhatura with a twist was made using Moroccan chickpeas and is served with fluffy puris.

Tresind Summer Menu (41)


Saving the best for the last – my favorite part of any meal is the desserts.

We first tried the Pistachio Icecream with Baklava shreds and rose petals. The ice cream was tad sweet for our taste, yet the baklava bits on top added some much needed crunch and balanced the sugariness.

Pistachio Icecream with Baklava


Our mutual favorite though was the milk foam dish tasting similar to the Indian favorite ‘Rasmalai’.  Delicious soan papdi is served on the side along with gold dust sprinkled on the side. These rich elements have earned the dessert its name – Daulat ki Chaat. The milk foam was absolutely light and melted in our mouths.

Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat

Thus concludes some of our favorite experiences from Tresind’s brand new summer menu. We call it ‘experiences’ because the dishes served are not just tasty, but are visual and olfactory delights as well.

In case you would like to visit Tresind to experience their summer menu, they have some exciting offers going on at the moment. Check them out below:

  • 4 course Lunch Set Menu starting AED 145++ on weekdays, 12-3:30pm
  • Ladies Night, every Wednesday, 8-11 pm, at Tresind Lounge. 3 free drinks and 15% discount on bar snacks for all ladies
  • Happy Hours 6:30-8pm, every day at Tresind Lounge
  • 6 course, Ladies who Lunch menu, at 120++ for large groups of ladies, from Sunday-Wednesday.
  • 9 course, signature Chef’s Tasting Menu- 350++ (veg), 365++ non veg, for lunch and dinner, everyday

Tresind is located on Level 2 of the Nassimi Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai [Tresind Location Map].

For reservations, call 043080440 and 0564209754

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