Review: The Polish Room Salon, Jumeirah

The Polish Room Jumeirah Dubai Review

For years, I have personally taken care of my grooming needs – being manicure, pedicure or even waxing. However, even years of practice have not achieved that salon like perfection – nailpolish that is not a millimeter out of place, one that does not budge for 2 weeks at a stretch. There’s always that shaky hand syndrome. And not to mention the agony of ruining a perfectly done nail because you thought you had better things to do than waiting for it to dry. Ouch!

Which is why ever since I have decided to take the plunge into allowing somebody else to do my limbs, I’m hooked!

I was recently introduced to this convienient &  life saving app a few days ago called Vaniday.

Vaniday app

Those following Slice of Dubai on Instagram will know how I like to refer to Vaniday as the Zomato of Salons in Dubai, where you can see, compare, book and pay for services at any of their partner salons of your choice. So now, I have to no longer depend on the limited knowledge of my friends and acquaintances before I decide which salon to visit the next time I’m looking for a haircut or facial. I can check all my options, compare the rates and book services right away! They also have a prompt customer service, and are happy to assist you with your bookings whenever you need. This, I love!

 I made my very first Vaniday booking a few days ago for a Manicure & Pedicure at The Polish Room, Jumeirah 1 – which I will be reviewing today.

The Polish Room Review

The salon is located not very far away from the Iranian Hospital and is not very difficult to spot. I was greeted by smiling, cheerful staff – which is commendable for a 7 pm appointment on a Friday evening when the rest of us are enjoying our weekend.

The salon premises are pristine white and clean, and one gets a very relaxing, friendly vibe as soon as she sets foot inside. True to its name, The Polish Room has most walls and partitions adorned with bright nail polishes from different brands.


The Polish Room Jumeirah Dubai Review

Do not be fooled by this, as the salon offers a gamut of services beyond manicures, pedicures and nail art such as facials, massages, grooming and hair removal.

Services at the polish room

On making myself comfortable on my designated seat, I was warmly offered some refreshments and the therapists got to work right away. Thankfully, I had booked and paid for my service on Vaniday in advance, so I didn’t need to bother explaining what I was here for or about ducking into my big bag of things searching for money with wet nails.

I had opted for the Mani-Pedi combo along with nail art, and I shall review each separately as below.

The Polish Room Pedicure Review:

The pedicure at The Polish Room starts with dipping your feet in a basin of lukewarm water, laced with dissolving detergent bombs. If that soak didn’t feel good enough, the therapist generously massages your tired feet with some foot scrub before getting to work on the nails.

Pedicure at The Polish Room

Some cutting, scrubbing, filing and buffing later, I’m left with soft, clean, photogenic feet. This is then followed with a base coat and 2 coats of my favorite Essie ‘Wicked’ nail polish, and finished with a glossy top coat. These pictures do not do enough justice to how lovely my feet looked and felt post pedicure. In 2 words – LOVED IT!

The Polish Room Review

The Polish Room Manicure Review:

A manicure at The Polish Room begins with thorough cleaning of your nails, trimming of cuticles – the drill. I was expecting to enjoy a good scrub, or at least lotion thereafter – just like my feet, and therefore was a tad disappointed that the manicure was super quick, concentrated to the nails only. Although the manicurist did a good job with them, I wasn’t left with soft, supple hands that I usually have after a salon manicure.

Manicure at The Polish Room


The Polish Room Nail Art Review:

What can be worse than having a nail chip, hours before your nail art appointment? Well plenty of things, however you can imagine it was a big let down. Especially if you’re like me, who hates the sight of unequal nails – if one breaks, all else must go.

Manicure at The Polish Room


Anyway, as the show must go on, I ruefully showed my stubbly digits to the manicurist asking if we could still make it look pretty in the given circumstances. Considering that I had already paid for it online and partly to test how good they were at suggesting alternatives.

Although friendly, the manicurist expects you to tell her what nail art you’d like rather than the other way around. She suggested small nail stamps and I went ahead with that thinking I had no other choice given my short nails. However after I was done, I walked over to see that there were so many other props and possibilities that could have looked good – only if they had suggested.

The Polish Room Review



The Polish Room Salon is located near the Iranian Hospital in Jumeirah 1, which is relatively easy to find. The premises are spic and span and they appear to use fresh tools for every client. The staff is friendly and are happy to chat with you if you’re like me who enjoys a friendly banter now and then. They only use good quality products and that includes nail polishes – with a wide variety of Essie and Jessica polishes to choose from. I was very happy with the quality of pedicure, however I’d expected more from the manicure and nail-art.



Ambience: 8/10

Friendliness of staff: 9/10

Cleanliness: 9/10

Variety of services: 8/10

Quality of services: 7/10


Would I visit again?

Yes, for the quality pedicure and to try some of their other services.


The Polish Room Contact Details:

Address: Near Iranian Hospital, Jumeirah 1, Dubai.

Phone: +971 50 6888059, +971 435500

Instagram: @thepolishroom

The Polish Room Contact Details

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