Review: Thai & Chinese fare at Nom Nom Asia, Al Barsha

Desi Chinese is my favourite cuisine and almost a go to when we’re stuck for choices. We discovered Nom Nom Asia a few months ago and it has since been our favorite place for Chinese takeaway. Among the tried and loved were the safer options like the American Chopsuey and Chinese fried rice. 
We recently visited Nom Nom Asia’s Al Barsha branch resolute to break out of our comfort zones and try something we never did before. Read on in to know how it fared. 

Nom Nom Asia’s Barsha branch is a bit larger than the Karama one, with indoor and outdoor seating area. The layout and setup of the restaurant encourages couples and smaller groups of people as compared to larger groups. See below and you’ll see why. 

Let not the limited space fool you, the restaurant is always buzzing with takeaways and home deliveries. 

We were greeted by the restaurant manager Mr. Zeeshan who is forthcoming with suggestions of things to try on their menu. 
First up, we were served prawn crackers with soya, vinegar and homemade sichuan sauce. The latter packs a tangy punch and is a must try if you can handle spice.

We also ordered for some homemade iced tea which is a Nom Nom specialty. Not without reason, as it its not too strong, not too mild and served at just the right temperature. Thoroughly refreshing!

As we had decided to try something new apart from our regular choices, we first ordered chicken dimsums and pepper chili prawns on the chef’s recommendation.

The chicken dimsums were spicy but a bit dry, and went well with the sichuan sauce.

The Pepper Chili Prawns were definitely the highlight of the day! They were well cooked, packed with peppery manchurian flavor. I could have very well downed 2 servings and called it a day. The memory still makes me crave for more!

Next up for main course, we ordered Thai cuisine in the form of Chicken Thai Black Pepper Stir fry and Nasi Goreng.

The Thai Black Pepper Stir Fry went very well with our palate and we were easily able to down the entire serving. 

The Nasi Goreng is basically a thai fried rice served with a half fried egg, cucumber, chicken satay and prawn crackers. This dish is an acquired taste and can be loved or hated depending on personal choice. 

Must try:

  • American chopsuey
  • Pepper chili prawns
  • Thai black pepper stir fry
  • Homemade ice tea


With its delicious flavors and reasonable pricing, Nom Nom Asia surely has the potential to become one of your go-to restaurants. Even if you can’t or don’t try all the items on the menu, I’m sure there will be a couple of dishes that you’ll want to keep going back to.

For us, those dishes are the Pepper Chili Prawns, Black pepper stir fry and American Chopsuey.

Have you tried Nom Nom Asia before? What are your favorite dishes?

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