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Original Wings & Rings, is an American sports bar located in Liberty House in the midst of the constantly buzzing DIFC district. After searching for this place, we stumbled upon a vibrant bar that not only serves traditional delicious recipes of chicken wings but also allows you to catch non-stop sporting activities occurring around the world along with their signature house drinks, cocktails & chilled beer.

Original WIngs and Rings at Level 2 Liberty House DIFC
Original Wings and Rings at Level C, Liberty House, DIFC

Original wings and rings-32

The ambiance is bold with its bright colors of green & orange along with NFL flags hung  all around. Large flat screens were placed around making it easy to view nail biting matches from any table in the bar. To keep people occupied during tactical breaks, they have arcade games, Foosball table, air-hockey table and a small stage good enough for one to test their vocal skills during Open Mic Tuesdays and if you are up for it, participate in mini-burger eating competition.

We were greeted by the courteous Sheryl (aka Bhingkhee) who took no time to seat us in the center of the bar. We really appreciated that, as it allowed us a vantage view of the entire sports-bar. Initial greetings later, we were served our menus, and Bhingkhee suggested some of the signature dishes we ought to try.

Staff at Original wings and rings

The food menu at Original Wings and Rings includes American fast-food cuisine consisting of specialties such as Buffalo wings, burgers, wraps & nachos. It isn’t an extensive food menu which is a plus point as you do not want to be overwhelmed by too many choices.

Original wings and rings-22

For starters, we began with their Cheese Quesadilla, Mozz Cheese sticks & Hand breaded Onion rings. It took no time for our starters to arrive which amazed us considering the place nearly packed on a Tuesday evening. Their Cheese Quesadillas are the best and a certainly must try. Packed with mozzarella, parmesan & cheddar, there are three slices served along with fresh salsa dip and sour cream.

Original wings and rings-2

Original wings and rings-3

Take a bite of quesadillas dipped with salsa sauce and there’s a burst of cheese along with chunky and flavorful salsa.

Original wings and rings-4


The Mozz cheese sticks portion are 5 crunchy mid size sticks which are absolutely stuffed with gooey cheese. This is served with their tasty homemade pizza sauce. The cheese sticks were a bit salty for our liking.

Original wings and rings-6

Original WIngs and Rings (9)


Next up were the Hand breaded Onion rings, a plate of probably a dozen large crispy onion rings. The taste was slightly bland and the portion size was quite large for the 2 of us.

Original wings and rings-7

Original WIngs and Rings (10)


For our drinks, we tried their Jamaica mocktail (blend of Orange & Pineapple) & Strawberry Fruit freezer (strawberry syrup & strawberry puree) and Strawberry Banana – which were all to our liking as they were served chilled.

Strawberry Banana at Original Wings and rings
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Fruit freezer at Original wings and rings
Strawberry Fruit freezer


As the name Original Wings & Rings would suggest, “Always Fresh… Never Frozen” refers to their perfect blend of Chicken Wings hand tossed into a flavor of your choice. These include Buffalo, Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Roasted Garlic and many more. It is fun to select among the various flavors available and you also get to choose the preferred level of hotness ranging from mild chili to the explosive atomic.

Assortment of sauces at Original wings and rings
Assortment of sauces at Original wings and rings

Assortment of sauces at Original wings and rings

We would suggest to try the Traditional wings (10pc’s) mixed with “Crazy sauce” as it brings out its strong flavors on the crispy wings skin. Sides include Bleu cheese or ranch. Also, a large portion of curly fries are tossed in making this an even more “value for money” meal.

Original wings and rings-18 Original wings and rings-16

Also provided along with this meal are plastic gloves to make it easier to manage eating these.

plastic gloves make it easier to eat chicken wings


Stuffed, but yet craving for more we tried their Burgers. You could choose between the larger 200gms or the Junior 100gms burgers. Old favorite Patties include their traditional beef, cheese beef bacon cheese with fresh toppings of Lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo and chunky sauce. We opted for the Junior burger which was also served with fries/wedges and salad/coleslaw.

Junior burger at Original wings and rings-30


Last, for our sweet tooth cravings we chose their triple chocolate cheesecake over brownie dessert. The cheesecake was fresh, well balanced in flavors. Full marks to their presentation, as they made sure that it looked as good as it tasted.

Triple chocolate cheesecake at Original Wings and Rings

Triple chocolate cheesecake at Original Wings and Rings

However, the only drawback is the limited options available. Also, desserts are not listed on the menu and customers are required to check with the staff on desserts options available. Another drawback is the limited vegetarian food options barring few starters like the veggie quesadillas and nachos. This makes it difficult for our vegetarian friends as we take them along.


Original Wings and Rings, though located at a somewhat discreet location, packs a lot of punch for sport aficionados looking for an evening of fun, food and drinks with a pack of friends. The sports-bar encourages being loud as it is usually the case while catching important matches around the globe.

The menu predominantly caters to the non-vegetarians, however the veg options like cheese quesadillas are yummy and appetizing. The staff is friendly and feel free to walk up to you for a chat while your next course arrives. Casual enough to walk in your football jersey and old sneakers – Original Wings and Rings gives its patrons a true taste of USA within the UAE.


  • Casual ambiance
  • Friendly staff
  • Great food
  • Generous portion sizes


  • Limited options for vegetarians
  • Secluded location


  • Location: 6/10
  • Ambiance: 8/10
  • Taste: 8/10
  • Quantity: 9/10
  • Service: 8/10

About Original Wings and Rings:

Original Wings and Rings is a sportbar located at Liberty House, DIFC and is infamous for their delicious burgers and wings. The laid back venue is popular to patrons from surrounding areas, as they have a range of offers almost everyday including Happy Hours, ladies night, Mexican Mondays,etc.

Address: Liberty House, DIFC, Level C

Click here for Original Wings and Rings location

Contact no: +971 4 359 6900

Timings: Mon – Sun: 12pm – 2am


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