Review: Levant Brunch at Breakfast Kitchen, Manzil Downtown

When was the last time you felt spoilt for choice? If that has been very long ago, then head over to experience the Levant Brunch at Breakfast Kitchen this weekend!

Boasting of a generous spread of Arabic, French, Italian and even some Indian delicacies – the Levant brunch is a treat for the foodies. Even for those fussy eating ones accompanying, there is enough on the menu to fill their appetite.

With ample parking, easy location and generous view of the Burj Khalifa – there is no complaining in the accessibility area.

The staff too is extremely courteous, and perfectly compliment the warm, family ambiance of the Breakfast Kitchen.

The prices are on the higher side, which can be justifiable for that once a month treat that you give yourself. But do go their feeling hungry, and I can assure you will need a hand exiting the place yourself! Now, ready for some drool-worthy pictures?

What are your favorite brunches in Dubai? Let me know in the comments below!

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