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Marhaba! Here’s to a new Greek joint opened at Jumeirah Lake Towers which serves street food wraps that are fresh, flavorful and healthy. Tucked away in a corner of Indigo Tower, Cluster D – GoGyroz offers yummy Gyro wraps to its regular customers in the vicinity.

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Upon entering, one would notice its interiors, which  aren’t too elaborate but do resemble the Greek national colors – blue & white. It seems to be more of a fast food joint where you could grab a bite and head back to work. Though a small premise, it does have comfy seating arrangements ranging from bar stools to tables for groups.

go gyroz (6)A special mention to its friendly staff that is courteous, helpful and passionate about attending to every customer’s need. They deliver an unforgettable experience.

At first, we were greeted by Albert who briefed us over their menu, which is tad limited but caters to diverse palates.

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There are 4 main wraps namely ‘The Babylonian Bite’ which is a take on Arabian Shawarma, ‘The Spartan Spread’ – Greek flavor, ‘The Mayan Myth’ – Mexican & last ‘The Ottoman Odyssey’ – Turkish. These are accompanied by salads, sides and desserts. All 4 wraps could either be eaten with grilled Chicken or Beef/ Lamb meat stuffing.

For drinks we chose their Laban with Mint, a highly recommended drink which is very refreshing and really complimented each wrap. This is a must during the summer season as it is freshly prepared with Greek yogurt & mint leaves then cooled perfectly to ones liking. They also do serve Lemonade, but we found it stronger in flavor.

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What appealed to us was the fact Albert mentioned, that all the ingredients and sauces used in their sandwiches are made in the Go Gyroz kitchen itself. So, brownie points for freshness!

We started with their Babylonian Bite, which is served in large Arabic bread (khaboos) and chose chicken as the  stuffing. The bread is slightly roasted to give a nice color and crunch to the wrap. Juicy chicken is mixed with tomatoes, pickles and fresh herbs like parsley along with garlic sauce and tahini. This wrap is really large enough to satisfy ones appetite.

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Next, we tried their Spartan Spread, which is a pita bread with grilled Beef meat stuffing. Chicken tastes good too, but Chef Albert recommends a beef stuffing to go well with the flavors.

It is served in an 8 inch pita bread which is soft, fluffy and light. Beef is perfectly sliced and prepared well. This is blended with a tasty spread of cream Tzatziki sauce that could be used also as a dip, red onions, arugula leaves and special GoGyroz seasoning. Special mention goes towards their Tzatziki sauce which is the highlight of this wrap.

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Now, The Mayan Myth’s turn, a take on the Mexican flavor with its tortilla bread and mixed with 3 sauces – Guacamole, Chipotle & Jalepeno spread with chicken stuffing. Upon taking the first bite you taste the hot jalepenos spread but it lacks seasoning and is slightly bland. On request, you could top it with fresh herbs and vegetables.

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Last, but another favorite is Turkish inspiration, The Ottoman Odyssey. Packed with tender shredded beef slices in doner pocket bread, the sandwich is succulent with its tomato & pickle filling along with roasted tomato & eggplant sauce, topped with special GoGyroz seasoning.

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All wraps are priced at AED 32, which is slightly pricey than most fast food joints. But for the same price, customers could opt to build their Own Gyro Empire as well. In short, this means that patrons get to choose their stuffing, bread and toppings served with fries, hummus & salad. Vegetarians could select their Green Halloumi or Falafel Gyro.

Dessert lovers must-must try their Oreo & Cream Cheesecake which consists of thick whipped yogurt at the bottom topped with crushed Oreo’s.

go gyroz (29)

Also served are Muhalabia, a creamy Arabic pudding & Jello –Cream, a creative mix of jello base with Greek yogurt on top.

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To summarize, we absolutely enjoyed The Spartan Spread & the Babylonian Bite which were highlights of the evening. Not to forget their Oreo & Cream Cheesecake, which will be a part of our midnight dessert cravings for a long time to come. Service is quick and best of all, customers could customize their wraps as per their liking as the staff is really generous & customer centered. Next time we are at JLT, we’ll be going back to Go Gyroz for sure!

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