Confessions of a New Mom: When Will Our Life Be Normal Again?

Last night, we returned home late – physically exhausted and ready to hit the sack. The little one felt otherwise, inspite of bathing and dressing her for bed. She wanted to play, and we as helpless, groggy parents squeezed out our last pieces of energy to humor our little offspring. She finally nodded off and as I returned to bed after placing her in her cot – the husband, half asleep, asked me, “When will our life be normal again?” And I immediately knew what he meant. The hands-on, […]

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Bidding Another Adieu to Mumbai

As yet another holiday to Mumbai ends, its time to bid the city a yet another goodbye.

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Insta Stories Q&A: Volume 1

Recently, I conducted a Q&A activity on Instagram Stories, where my followers and fellow bloggers asked me some fun questions. It was amazing to read all your questions and actually thinking over my replies. So many of you got back saying it was a fun activity and they enjoyed reading my replies. It was one of the most straight from the heart things I did on the channel.

So, for all those of you who missed all or parts of the Q&A activity, here’s the questions and my replies.

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A Letter To My Future Daughter

Hello little Zahra, our little bundle of joy! As you lay peacefully asleep in your cot tonight, I can’t help but watch you and feel incredibly proud of what your father and I created. A whole new human being – capable of feeling, smiling, talking and understanding.

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The New Woman in my Husband’s Life

A new woman has entered my husband’s life, and its making me feel insecure…

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100 Words: Hands


A concise post on the joys and challenges of being a mother – described in 100 words.

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Memories Between Books

Memories in a Book

Have you ever accidentally unearthed memories inside old books, bags or back-pockets? Then this is a post you will relate to!

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Being a New Mum in Dubai – A Take 10 with Tani

Tani Our big Dubai Adventure

Being a new mom in a new city can be challenging. Tani of Our Big Dubai Adventure shares some useful information for all new moms in Dubai.

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Last Minute Eid Holiday Ideas In and Around Dubai

Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa

This year the Eid holidays extend upto 5 days and many of us have planned trips to make the most of this break. If you’re tight on budget or simply have been too lazy to plan – in this month’s collaboration post, I bring together leading bloggers to share some ideas for Eid getaways in and around Dubai for that last minute vacation.

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10 things NOT to say to a Lifestyle blogger

10 things not to say to a lifestyle blogger

My last 5 years as a blogger, have been a rewarding as well as an exhausting experience! While having a creative outlet to showcase my work is a huge motivation for me to go on, sometimes it can get a bit annoying when people find it hard to understand what I do and why I do it. Because nobody ever talks about the thin line between curious and rude, here’s my list of 10 things you should NOT say to a lifestyle blogger, because it simply does not sit well. […]

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