Ramblings on a Rainy day in Dubai

Cool Dubai morning chills, and I pull out my turtle neck sweater from the back of my closet. It’s one of those days when even my nail polish matches the color of my outfit, and the new haircut is finally beginning to behave. I slide aside a few locks as I apply my make-up and they fall over my face in perfect curls.

I reach office with both – an umbrella and shawl in tow, taking photos of happy people on the way. It’s time to work, but my mind is outside where the falling raindrops are as though beckoning. I move with my laptop and a cup of tea to the door. I don’t mind sitting by the stairs as long as I can feel the cool breeze on my cheeks. The rain still pours and refuses to stop, and I know it’s time to answer it’s call. The hair is perfect, mascara – flawless. But for 15 mins out, getting drenched in the showers, it is worth the sacrifice.

The lipstick is now blotched, mascara runs down my face in little black rills, hair all messy and curled. But that does not stop my eyes from shining in delight as I brace myself and splash another puddle. Soon, the sneezing begins, my sweater all wet – with nothing else but a shawl in hand, I wonder how I will get past the day.

I’m sitting with the laptop and a cup of tea by the door thinking what I could do if I were on the other side. I could’ve jumped into puddles, and wet my hair – but instead I sit and write this post!

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