Photo-story: Hope

He is probably dead, the world had said
For the man who’d left too soon,
No news for days, no news in months,
But somebody checked every noon.
With hopeful ears she rattled the box
Heard pebbles dance inside its hollowness,
With a vermillion stained forehead, green bangles in tow
The young wife head back to emptiness.

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Arwa H

This comment has been removed by the author.

Arwa H

I leave it open to interpretation. But no news frm a husband who had gone off to a faraway land soon after marriage was how I had intended it to be ūüėČ
You may want to read my post called Red. Everyone I have asked has come up with a different interpretation of that post. Would love to read yours!

The Intellectual Traveller

Do I get it right…?
The postman died..?