SOD Brand Focus: Cleva Mama

Trying ClevaMama products for baby sleep & baby feeding. Read to know how to avoid flat head syndrome and how to introduce solids to your baby!

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Father’s Day Special: Parenting Qualities I’d like to Learn From My Husband

It is Husain’s first ever Father’s Day, and he wins when it comes to parenting. I somehow always knew he’d be a great dad, but it turns out he’s even better. Somebody I look up to, somebody I’m proud of.

So when fellow mum and blogger Meghna of Love, Life & the Little One was working on a round-up on mothers’ take on that one quality they wanted to learn from their husbands, I knew exactly what I had to say. Here goes my answer.

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A Letter To My Future Daughter

Hello little Zahra, our little bundle of joy! As you lay peacefully asleep in your cot tonight, I can’t help but watch you and feel incredibly proud of what your father and I created. A whole new human being – capable of feeling, smiling, talking and understanding.

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