Mint Velvet Autumn-Winter Collection 2015-16

Mint Velvet Dubai Festival City

Bringing the concept of relaxed glamour to Dubai, is the UK based brand – Mint Velvet. With its first store in Dubai Mall and now the newly opened outlet in Dubai Festival city, Mint Velvet takes a relaxed approach to the catwalk and street trends. The brand focuses its attention on building affordable and glamorous separates. Versatile individual tops that can be worn over an assortment of bottoms and vice-versa are an investment for anybody who likes to mix and match.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the store for the preview of Mint Velvet’s Autumn-Winter collection and was impressed by the quality of fabrics and their attention to detail. The collection adheres to a set color palette which consists of white, off-white, beige, nude, grey, indigo, blush and baby pink. However, the variety in terms of styles and cuts ensures that there is something in it for every taste and body type.

The collection also features some select pieces of statement jewelry, handbags, scarves, mufflers and footwear to serve as compliments to your overall look.

Here’s leaving you with some more snapshots of the collection and the store. Click on your favorite photo and scroll to see the rest.

About Mint Velvet:

Mint Velvet’s 3 Founders, Liz Houghton, Lisa Agar-Rea and Jane Rawlings, came up with the idea for the business in June 2009 and launched the brand shortly after in October.  They were frustrated by the lack of wearable women’s fashion out there; they wanted luxury but without the matching price tag, and Mint Velvet answered their own needs and the obvious gap in the market.  And, from here, the relaxed glamour concept was born.  Mint Velvet use luxe fabrics, beautiful prints and flattering cuts to create collections, which will make women, feel confident and sexy.  This relaxed glamour ethos is the very essence of the brand; an easy, stylish collection to suit women’s modern lifestyles.

Essentially the Mint Velvet customer wants to wear the trends in a relaxed way; she wants to be fashionable, but not feel hampered by what she’s wearing.  She’s a modern woman with modern demands on her wardrobe and she wants luxury items that will stand the test of time.

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Arwa HD.

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