Memories Between Books

Memories in a Book

When was the last time you read a book? It appalls me to see people poring over their phones instead of books in their free time. But before you think this post is going to be an endless rant by an opinionated book-worm, let me promise you that there are only cheerful things to follow.


Last weekend, I spent the day rearranging my bookshelf. Its been a long while since I last did this, and I indulged myself in opening some old books to savor the fragrance between their pages and re-read some of my favorite paragraphs (am I the only one who does this?)

Some of them haven’t been opened for years and have survived my move to Dubai, nearly 2 years ago – untouched! When I unfurled the pages of these partially read books, I wasn’t aware of the little surprise in store…

Memories Between Books

Its a security tag from my first airplane ride ever! It takes me back to the exhilaration of my first take-off, how I barely suppressed a delighted scream and the ecstasy of being airborne over the clouds!

Another book, another surprise..

Memories Between Books


This is a maple leaf all the way from the valleys of Kashmir! It is so wonderful to see how the habit of using anything and everything as bookmarks, finally pays off. I literally went back to my archives to relive the moments spent in the arms of mother nature herself. Let me share some with you.









What would I not give to be in Kashmir again? sigh

Have you ever accidentally unearthed memories inside old books, bags or back-pockets? Share your story in the comments below!


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