IsaDora Bronzing Collection 2015 Review

IsaDora bronzing collection 2015

IsaDora recently launched it’s Bronzing Collection 2015 (read our post on its launch event here).

The Swedish brand, that boasts of clinically tested (no animal testing -great!), fragrance free, premium quality cosmetics, proudly introduces its newest range that boasts of natural hues and striking blues – all in the same collection! Well, and why not? It’s summer in Dubai, and we all can do with a sun-kissed glow coupled with a few brights to match our spirits! [tweetthis twitter_handles=”@sliceofdubai”]It’s summer in Dubai, and we all can do with a sun-kissed glow with IsaDora![/tweetthis]



Isadora Face sculptor, mascara and eyeliner

Don’t they look delish?

IsaDora products have an interesting USP. They’re completely fragrance-free. This is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, since fragrances found in beauty products act as major irritants.

However, what is disappointing about IsaDora products is their packaging. The eye-liner and mascara tube comes across as particularly brittle and cheap when compared to similar products in this price range.

The Face Sculptor, which is otherwise a brilliant product, could have done with better packaging too. The Matte Bronzer, Glow Bronzer and Blush Bronzer come in a detached disk – one that threatens to fall and break if not handled with care. Also once detached, it gets difficult to place the disk accurately back in place posing difficulties while closing the lid.
If I would have it my way, I would definitely have the bronzers attached firmly. Adding a mirror would have been a nice touch too!

Now that we have the negatives out of the way, let me review the Bronzing Collection products in detail.

IsaDora Build Up Mascara – Extra Volume in Swedish Blue


The IsaDora Build Up Mascara is a waterproof bright blue mascara that promises infallible striking lashes! With a fragrance-free formula in place, this mascara comes as a relief for those with sensitive eyes.
On application, it leaves your lashes looking bright blue. Although they may look intimidating at first, rest assured, on drying your lashes will appear closer to their natural color than they did at first. The Build Up Mascara renders only so much as a faint blue glow to your lashes when they catch the light, instantly brightening them up.
The wand is super easy to hold, convenient to apply and creates thick, dense looking lashes after 2-3 coats.

I’m personally not a fan of piling on waterproof mascara as I shudder at the pain of taking it off at the end of the day. But for all those of you who like to boast of pretty looking lashes in humid conditions or at the beach – by all means, go ahead!

IsaDora Glossy Eyeliner – 44 Swedish Blue

IsaDora Glossy Eyeliner Swedish Blue

This Glossy Eyeliner by IsaDora has a beautiful felt tip which makes application a breeze even for amateurs. Swedish Blue is an electric cobalt blue shade that looks stunning on the eyes, and leaves a glossy finish.
IsaDora’s Glossy Eyeliner stays put for 6-8 hours, perhaps even more if you’re not into the habit of constantly touching your eyes. Even having said so, the eyeliner is very easy to remove with a gentle soap and water. Simply wash your face and wipe the eyeliner off with tissue or a soft cloth.
Bright, bold and fragrance free – the IsaDora Glossy Eyeliner is perfect for giving those sensitive eyes a pop of color with your summer dresses and sandals!

IsaDora Twist Up Gloss Stick – Rio Red

IsaDora Twist Up Gloss Stick Rio Red

IsaDora Twist up gloss stick

IsaDora Twist Up Gloss Stick Rio Red

IsaDora’s Twist up Gloss Stick is a moisturizing lip filler that is perfect for a luscious pout! While there’s nothing new in terms of packaging, the gloss stick is richly pigmented ensuring an intense opaque color.

What I love about IsaDora’s Twist Up Gloss Stick in Rio Red is the lovely natural shade and super glossy finish for attractive lips. It is non-sticky and long-lasting and does not lose its sheen for up to 5 hours. A must-have for daily office-wear.

Isadora Face Sculptor



Leaving the best for the last, IsaDora’s Face Sculptor is probably the most distinguishing product of the range. A disc of sheer goodness, consisting of the Matte Bronzer, Glow Bronzer and Blush Bronzer is a great investment for a well sculpted look.

When I tried swatches of the 3 Bronzers, I frankly didn’t think too much of it. They were too light, and blended with my skin tone too well to make a noticeable difference to the face. Or so I thought.

The IsaDora Face Sculptor is super easy to use, with a diagram right at the back of the pack. When applied to the face step by step, it renders a perfectly sculpted look.

What I love in the IsaDora Face Sculptor is the Blush Bronzer!
It is dark enough to give your cheeks a rosy look, but light enough not to look artificial or overpowering. Together, this powerpacked trio gives the face a naturally glowing peaches and cream glow which does not look made-up.
The IsaDora face sculptor is perfect for daily office wear. However, when nights call for a more dramatic look, I suggest you look for other options.

Final verdict:

The IsaDora Bronzing Collection has a good mix of products to suit the simple as well as the stylish. The Face Sculptor and Twist Up Gloss Stick are soon becoming my favorite products and I wear them to work everyday. I could very well give the eyeliner and mascara a miss, though it is more a matter of personal choice.

But those with sensitive skin and eyes who love to experiment with their look will love the IsaDora Bronzing Collection!

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