This Happened When I used Braun Silk Epil Facial Cleansing Brush For a Month

Braun silk epil facial brush

Life Update: I have stopped using foundation on my face since over 2 weeks now.

Yes guys, its true! I made just one small change in my facial cleansing routine, which has helped me get radiant skin and hence skip foundation altogether. Yes, I have been using the  Braun Silk Epil Facial Cleansing Brush for a month, and this is the difference that it has made to my skin!

Well, I would be exaggerating to say that it was this brush ALONE that has helped me improve the quality of my skin. But the Braun Facial Cleansing Brush has indeed played a huge role and also acted as a catalyst in making me take care of my skin better. Read on as I tell you how, in my review below.

I usually wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and blush to work. So I begin my cleansing routine with dampening my face and gently applying a foam free gentle cleanser all over.

I then turn on the Braun Facial Cleansing brush by clicking the button on top. The bottom button is for speed and I usually keep it at high speed for the face and slower around the delicate eye area.


Its thousands of bristles gently remove piled up makeup and dirt from my face and the massaging action activates blood flow in the area – resulting in a subtle glow.


After 2 or 3 minutes, my face has been thoroughly cleansed and I can see all the makeup on the brush. The brush can be easily detached, washed and left to dry. 

I wanted to compare and see how the Braun Silk Epil Facial Cleansing Brush had enhanced cleansing, I washed my face with cleanser and water the regular way, until I felt that my face was clean. Then I applied little cleanser again and used the brush all over my face. I was surprised to see how much dirt it picked up even from a seemingly clean face!

After this experiment, I have never washed my face without a cleansing brush!

Braun Silk Epil Facial Cleansing Brush

Now, some of you may wonder, how a simple brush could enable me to go completely without foundation. Well as I mentioned before, using a face brush has acted as a catalyst to help me take care of my skin better.

Once I am done with the most important step of cleaning my face of makeup and dirt, I usually feel motivated to go the extra mile and seal those open pores with serum. I use the No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck MULTI ACTION Serum. I follow it up with Olay White Radiance Night Cream. And to lock it all in, I use the Zahara Skin Care Pure Walnut Oil. After that, its sleep time!

While you can use serums, moisturizers and facial oils of your choice, this combination has been tried and tested by me on my own skin and has enabled me to wake up with glowing skin every time.

Have you tried facial cleansing brush before? What is your night routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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