Hello Dubai!

Hello Dubai

I hope this post finds you smiling and in good health, whenever you chance upon reading this. A customary introduction post is due as I start this blog today, although I’m not new to blogging. Many of you may have read or follow my existing blog Reflections where I journal my experiences and dabble with fiction.

I would like to introduce myself as a tomboy by heart, who took to all things ‘girly’ by chance. Known to be one of the boy gang right through college, I was introduced to my feminine side early on in my career. I joined a digital marketing agency, where I was by default assigned clients who were among the leading women’s magazines and had a chance to work with top make-up brands. I laughed at the irony back then, but now I think it was fate.

Those were the good old ‘Bombay’ days, and I soon moved to Dubai after the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’. In the last one year, from taking baby steps to explore this amazing new city, to being confident enough to begin writing about it – I have come a long way! My current job for a women’s fashion clothing brand too, keeps me on my toes as I dish out latest fashion trends and style tips for thousands of women on a daily basis. From poring through fashion websites and magazines to explore women-centric topics, to trying different places and products, I have done it all. And believe you me, it is an addictive world!

As a person, I’m extremely experimental. Mr. Brunet will vouch for that, (sometimes followed by an obvious sulk). I never use the same shampoo, soap, cream, lipstick twice – unless it is all I have been thinking about while I’m eating, sleeping or the first thing when I wake up. rare

In my free time, you will find me looking up Do-it-Yourself videos, and I have a tendency to wake up early for work just so that I have enough time to mix and match, and create new looks! I travel to the same place for work everyday, and heck! Even then you will see that I’m curiously finding out newer routes to reach there. And it is this experimental nature that has prompted me to begin my way on this new path. After spending some time connecting the dots, this is the final picture I see. I invite you to be a part of my dream, and I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do, creating it!

Is there something you’d like to see on this blog? If you have a suggestion, want to reach out, or simply say Hi, feel free to get in touch, by filling in the details below.

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