Foodies Recommend the Best Burgers in Dubai

best burgers in Dubai

Let’s talk about food, calories and lots of sinful indulgences in this month’s collaboration post! Filled with juicy patties, indulgent mayo, generous proportions of ketchup and everything else in between – me, along with my arsenal of savvy food bloggers bring to you The Best Burgers in Dubai.

If you’re on a diet, and have self-control issues – please drop out right now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, I see you’re still here – so let’s get on with it.

Rib Meat Burger from The Meat Co [map]

Contributed by DeLaine D: Of Travels and Tales

Instagram: @oftravelsandtales

Rib Meat Burger from The Meat Co
Rib Meat Burger from The Meat Co

My favorite burger is the Rib Meat Burger from The Meat Co – where 300 grams of braised rib meat dangle out of a super soft bun like “love handles”. Can anything ever go wrong with rib meat? In addition to this, a huge Portabello mushroom stuffed into the burger makes it all the more difficult to hold or eat it. Although, a wee bit expensive than other burgers it is humongous and good enough for two people to share. Do not be afraid to get your fingers messy – I promise it is worth it!

The Dangerous Slider at Slider Station [map]

Contributed by Neha Jaspal : Mintberry Dubai

Instagram : @mintberrydubai

Dangerous Slider at Slider Station
The Dangerous Slider at Slider Station
If I think of a burger, I think of Slider station hands down and there is no second thought! The American quintessential comfort food is brought to Dubai with a quirky concept of serving sliders in a dim lighting and an industrial decor that has been inspired from the American gas stations in the 1940’s exposed walls. The decor requires a moment of its own and is one of its kind.
Burger on point! For the most part, my favorite slider is ‘dangerous’ amongst other sliders on offer, which looks dangerous in the true sense of the word as it is served red in color and it gets its color from beetroot. This is the real deal, the burger was topped with buttermilk fried chicken, jack, jalapeño, shredded lettuce and chimichuri aioli. The flavors are unique and by far the best slider I’ve ever had before. Extremely succulent, juicy, crispy and messy for sure with the finest quality of ingredients and chimichuri mayo(home-made) that has the most distinct flavor and is my favorite bit.

You might want to consider making a prior reservation as the queue is pretty long.

Cheese Burger at Five Guys [map]

Contributed by Sarah Nossy : What Nossy Ate

Instagram: @whatnossyate

Five Guys Cheeseburger
Cheese Burger at Five Guys

My favorite burger in Dubai has to be a Five Guys Cheeseburger. Although more expensive than its country of origin, you can’t go past Five Guys burgers for their fresh and quality ingredients. The juicy, thick all American beef patties with layers of oozing melted cheese and customize-able toppings will have you fuller and happier than a fat kid with cake. This fast food legend has been handcrafting burgers and fries since 1986 and it shows. With two convenient locations in Dubai Mall and now Dubai Marina Mall.

Vegetarian Burgers at Nando’s [multiple outlets]

Contributed by Hemangi Ramani : Foodie By Birth

Instagram: @hemangiramani

Vegetarian Burger at Nando's
Vegetarian Burgers at Nando’s

Ever since I heard of Nando’s I always wanted to try their food, but being a Vegetarian the problem was everyone kept telling me they only serve non-vegetarian food but after I saw their menu and came to know they even have few or may be one or two vegetarian options made me happy and curious to try their food.

Why do I like their burger? Because everything tastes good and fresh and is equally filling too, their burger patty tastes good but quite ordinary which has the common ingredients a veggie burger would have like potatoes, peas, carrot, onions and seasoning. But what makes their burger taste yummy?? That’s their sauces, mainly peri peri sauce and garlic herb sauce which makes the burger taste yummy and mouth watering, that’s what drags me back to Nando’s! You should without fail try their assorted fries, they’re absolutely the staple fries before guys fries!

Mushroom Melt and Chipotle Burger at Eggspectation [map]

Contributed by Sarah Sarvath : hungryoungwoman

Facebook: hungyoungwoman

Mushroom Melt and Chipotle Burger at Eggspectation
Mushroom Melt and Chipotle Burger at Eggspectation

Eggspectation, located at the Beach, boasts some very good burgers on their menu. And by good, I mean the big and messy type. The ones that would be perfect for a cheat meal, or for any meal (applies to people like me)

They have mouth watering names like the Mushroom Melt and Chipotle Burger. On my recent visit, the Bbq Burger caught my eye. This was the STAR! And I mean it. With fried onion rings, a big meat patty and loads of cheese, this took our taste-buds for a ride with its soft and crunchy texture. Served on the side was a scrambled egg as requested by us. This meal deserves a 10 on 10.

Heck, make it 20 on 10!

Assorted Burgers at Burger Fuel [multiple outlets]

Contributed by Sadia Anwar : Nomsville

Instagram : @nomsvilleuae 

Burger at BurgerFuel
Assorted Burgers at Burger Fuel
Since burgers aren’t exactly light on the calorie scale, I prefer to get full value for mine, and the one place I can rely on to do that is Burgerfuel. With fun, unusual toppings along with well seasoned, perfectly cooked beef and chicken patties on a soft bun, they cover all the basics of a good burger, and challenge you to experiment with toppings like beetroot, mango slices and grilled pineapples. That too at extremely reasonable prices. Also, as with any good burger place, their fries are delicious too.

Elevation Burger [map]

Contributed by Udit Sathaye : Zomato Food Reviewer

Instagram : @uditss

Elevation burger
Elevation Burger
These guys have mostly beef options, and couple of vegan; alleviates your dilemma of choices, elevates your burger experience.
You have to choose your toppings. They also have two preset ones – the “original” and the “messy” – but I decided to make my own. The elevation burger made with tomatoes, lettuce, the elevation sauce and pickles is what I had.
The good thing is that the sauce doesn’t overpower the taste of the patty which some might consider as a lack of flavour.

But at the same time you can get the flavour of everything that’s in there. Service does get a bit slow if there are too many customers. Spacious interior with ample lighting. And yes, there’s a hefty price tag to it.

The Beast’ burger at The Claw

Contributed by Arwa HD : Slice of Dubai

Instagram: @sliceofdubai

The Beast at The Claw
The Beast’ burger at The Claw *Image courtesy:

If you consider yourself to be a bit on the adventurous side, try ‘The Beast’ burger at The Claw is something you can try your hands and appetite at. Finishing this humungous 6lb beef burger is a task in itself – and if you can manage to single-handedly down it in 30 seconds, your AED 295 burger is free! You also get a free t-shirt for your accomplishment, and your photo is immortalized on The Claw’s Wall of Fame.

Are you game?

I thank all the contributors for their enthusiasm and co-operation in wholeheartedly sending their views and images. Dear readers, please do appreciate their effort and follow them on their personal blogs for some amazing content that they dish out from time to time.

So there – haven’t we given you enough items to choose from, to make the most of those cheat days? For those of you who tend to be forgetful, here’s a quick recap of the best burgers in Dubai.

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