Father’s Day Special: Parenting Qualities I’d like to Learn From My Husband

Its a special day! It is Husain’s first ever Father’s Day, and he wins when it comes to parenting. I somehow always knew he’d be a great dad, but it turns out he’s even better. Somebody I look up to, somebody I’m proud of.

So when fellow mum and blogger Meghna of Love, Life & the Little One was working on a round-up on mothers’ take on that one quality they wanted to learn from their husbands, I knew exactly what I had to say. Here goes my answer.

I think what fathers have and we mothers lack is the ability to not take themselves too seriously. Fathers & Daughters anyway have a special bond, but what I’d like to learn from my husband is to not overthink every step while raising my daughter.

While I spend hours on Baby Center poring over articles on the best developmental Games for my newborn – suitable for her age, the father and daughter are happier ringing chimes and making milk mustaches.

While I am still wondering if this is the right age for the 6-month-old to start picking up nursery rhymes, the duo has already developed a language of their own among themselves. And let me tell you, it’s utter gibberish.

We mothers worry too much about creating a mess, why they haven’t started crawling yet, comparing ours to other babies of the same age. While we as are busy making young ladies out of our little ones, fathers are taking each day as it comes and bonding over the little joys. And that’s what I’d like to learn from him.

Don’t you agree?

To read what 6 other mums have to say, click here to read the full post on Meghna’s blog.

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