A Glimpse of Culture at Dubai Heritage Village

With so many expectations built up, is the Dubai Heritage Village worth a visit? Let’s find out!

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5 Sharaf DG DSF Deals for the Girl on the Go!

Dubai Brunette picks 5 Sharaf DG DSF deals for the girl on the go!

It had been a busy weekend, with lunches to attend and a mountain of laundry to be taken care of. To add to my woes, the cordless phone has joined the bandwagon of attention-seeking appliances, and I had to make a short trip to Sharaf DG to find it’s replacement once and for all. It was a Friday night, and it being the weekend, coupled with DSF deals – the place was a fish-market! After having zeroed in on a phone model, I quickly took a walk around the store […]

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Top 5 Fashion Deals during Dubai Shopping Festival

When asked to complete the sentence : Dubai _____________, I’m sure most of you will reply with ‘Shopping Festival‘. With a city whose name is synonymous with shopping, where everybody from a hypermarket to a grocery store has a loyalty program, the Dubai Shopping Festival acts as one more reason to loosen those purse strings year on year. And if you’re as much in love with fashion as your’s truly, this is easily the bestest time of the year! Here’s Slice of Dubai‘s top 5 picks on some of the best fashion deals in […]

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