[Review] Nivea Volume Shine Pure Diamond Beige Diademe lipstick : A nude addition to your beauty booty

Review of Nivea Volume Shine Pure Diamond - Beige Diademe

Read on as I slice and dice Nivea’s Volume Shine Pure Diamond – Beige Diademe.

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Ramblings on a Rainy day in Dubai

Cool Dubai morning chills, and I pull out my turtle neck sweater from the back of my closet. It’s one of those days when even my nail polish matches the color of my outfit, and the new haircut is finally beginning to behave. I slide aside a few locks as I apply my make-up and¬†they fall over my face in perfect curls. I reach office with both – an umbrella and shawl in tow, taking photos of happy people on the way. It’s time to work, but my mind […]

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A Weird Home Remedy For Headaches, That Actually Works!

I’m super prone to headaches, and once during one such unpleasant bout, Mr. Brunet came to me with a weird home remedy for headaches . And you may not believe what you’re about to see…

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Where to get Wacky Car Stickers in Dubai

If you’re looking for a one stop shop of car accessories in Dubai, here’s where you should go!

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Hello Dubai!

Hello Dubai

Here’s the customary introductory post.. To new beginnings!

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