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Derma E skincare products review

As bloggers, we are constantly experimenting with our skin. Piling up chemical products day after day requires equally gentle and effective cleansing. For this, I have begun to lean towards natural products – which is why when approached to try Derma E products, I decided to give it a shot.

Derma E offers a full line of natural, therapeutic skin care formulations rich in vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals.  Based on my age and skin type, I had been provided with the following products. Lets slice and dice each – Slice of Dubai style!

Anti-wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser

Price: AED 120

Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser
Derma E’s Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser

Derma E’s Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser is enriched with papaya extracts and is also one of the brand’s best-selling products.

Derma E's Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser
Derma E’s Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid and Sea Kelp

Decoding Glycolic Acid: Glycolic acid is the best way to gently exfoliate the skin, and suits even those with sensitive skin type. It exfoliates the upper layer of the skin to reveal new, glowing skin beneath. Its fine molecules deeply penetrate the skin to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, thereby delaying the ageing process.

Product Claim:

A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser for combination and oily skin types. Removes dirt, oil and impurities, and helps to unclog pores. Encourages surface cell renewal to reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin. The Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser is best suited for those in their late 20’s since this is the time that early signs of ageing begin to appear.


The Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser is a runny transparent liquid that comes in a hygienic pump bottle. Although the product is meant for those with normal skin such as mine, after the first few uses I experienced tad dryness and my skin felt stretchy. I then reduced the quantity of cleanser per wash and the results were much better! The cleanser lathers pretty well and you can literally feel the product cleansing the dirt and grime off your skin at the end of a long day.

Only a pea sized amount leaves you with refreshed skin – therefore making sure that the bottle lasts you well over a couple of months even if used twice a day. The fruity fragrance is a treat to the olfactory senses and leaves you with great smelling and kissable soft skin!

Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion

Price: AED 99

Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion from Derma E
Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion from Derma E

Derma E’s Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion is one of the few natural sunscreens that provide broad spectrum SPF 30 with both – UVA and UVB protection. It suit all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

Nanoparticle-free Zinc Oxide, Vitamin C and Green Tea

Decoding UVA and UVB Rays:

The sunlight that reaches us is made up of two types of harmful rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB). Basically, UVA rays can cause ageing, wrinkling and loss of elasticity, while UVB rays can burn us and cause a greater risk of skin cancer. Hence, overexposure to either can damage the skin.

Product Claim:

The Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion is lightweight, non-greasy facial formula. Its key benefits include shielding your skin with safe, chemical-free broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It promotes vibrant, younger-looking skin with anti-aging antioxidants. The lotion glides on evenly, absorbs quickly and leaves a sheer finish. It is ideal for daily use on all skin types and wears well under makeup.


The Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion is a thick white cream with a mild fragrance. A very little quantity spreads well but is not the best I’ve seen. It leaves a translucent film on your face and even though you can wear make-up over it easily, at the end my face still looks whitish. I tried reducing the quantity of cream each time, yet the apparent white film remained constant.

The only reason for which I would buy this one again is the fact that it is a natural, non-greasy product that provides SPF 30 and both UVA and UVB protection.

Hydrating Day Crème

Price: AED 225

Hydrating Day Crème from Derma E
Hydrating Day Crème from Derma E

Leaving the best for the last – the Hydrating Day Crème from Derma E is an ultra-hydrating crème for daytime use, and a winner in my eyes! Read on to know why.


Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Vitamin C

Decoding Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid, often promoted as a “fountain of youth” helps to retain over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturizer.  In fact, no other biological substance can retain as much water as Hyaluronic acid resulting in increased smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles.  Equally important is its ability to remove waste matter from cells including those where there is little blood circulation. Today, hyaluronic acid is considered equally important, if not more important, than Collagen.

Product Claim:

The Hydrating Day Crème plumps and hydrates skin to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, It locks in essential moisture and helps protect skin from adverse environmental effects.


Where do I begin? I could simply say that I love this product for a simple loss of words, but for your sake I will spend some time and list down all its positives.

  1. The Hydrating Day Crème contains hyaluronic acid which is not normally found in most mass products. After considerable research on hyaluronic acid, I was delighted that this product has some amazing moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits for my skin
  2. The Hydrating Day Crème spreads well and literally melts into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated in seconds
  3. A less than pea-sized amount can moisturize your entire face and neck, and so the tub easily lasts for 2-3 months
  4. Its fruity fragrance is refreshing, yet not overpowering. It works as an excellent kick-start to the day

The only sad part about the Hydrating Day Crème is seeing the empty bottle!

To summarize, the Derma E range of products sits well with the growing need for natural skincare in a market that indulges highly in chemical cosmetics. Beauty is often equated with youthfulness, and Derma E’s range ensures you retain your skin’s radiance without any side effects. All the products are 100% vegan & paraben-free, which acts like a cherry on the cake!

I have been using the above Derma E products for over 2 weeks now, and have noticed a visible difference in my skin. It definitely feels plumper and has a distinct glow. I now feel confident stepping out without so much as a drop of BB cream, rest assured that my skin looks healthy and beautiful.

When it comes to the products sampled, I would definitely purchase the Anti-wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser and Hydrating Day Crème again. As for the Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Oil-Free Face Lotion, I would use it until I find a better alternative with similar benefits minus the apparent white film.

Interested in trying these products yourself? Derma E products can be bought from leading pharmacies such as Boots, BinSina and United Group of  Pharmacies across the UAE.

*Disclaimer: Samples of Derma E products had been supplied to me by PR. However, my review and opinions remain unbiased.

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