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The Cure Beauty Salon, Dubai Media City

Summer, sun, stress and skin problems! That was pretty much my life when I received the opportunity to try out The Cure Beauty Spa at Dubai Media City. After some amount of difficulty with securing an appointment (they can get busy on weekends, please take note) – I finally arrived The Cure Beauty Spa with a whole lot of expectations. 

On arriving a few minutes before the scheduled time, I was courteously greeted and offered a refreshing glass of water with lime portions and mint. This perfectly set the tone and got me into the relaxing mode, right on!

The Cure Beauty Spa, Dubai Media City
The friendly staff greets us at The Cure Beauty Salon
The friendly staff at The Cure Beauty Spa

At the designated time, my therapist Ms. Anna escorted me to the soothing white atrium, well adorned with fresh flowers and scented candles.

Therapist Anna at The Cure Beauty Salon, Dubai Media City
Therapist Anna

How gorgeous is she!

After changing and settling down in the facial room, I was ready for the treatment to begin. The room smelled divine – relaxing aromas of flowers and exotic herbs set the mood instantly.

Anna first cleaned my skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and scrub. Since I as open to her advice – she examined my skin under fluorescent light to look for tell-tale signs of potential skin problems. She found some open pores, oil accumulation under the skin along with acne, and so although I had booked myself for their famous Spanish Massage, we decided to go ahead with the Deep Clean Facial for my skin.

The Deep Clean Facial – AED 520

The Deep Clean Facial at The Cure starts with thorough face cleansing. The next process is called extraction – a not so pleasant step that involves carefully rupturing each oil-filled pore using gentle pressure, sometimes even involving needle pricks to clear it of excess oil.

This is followed with another round of cleansing, after which the face is dried. Then, the affected areas are thoroughly scrubbed with a high frequency machine, that delivers a mild electric current to kill bacteria on the affected areas. The high frequency machine gives a mild stinging feeling, especially when it touches the opened pores.

After treating the face with the high frequency machine, the therapist applies an anti-bacterial mask containing tea-tree oil which too stings a bit which is normal for masks with such properties. Its mild fragrance is thoroughly satisfying.

10 minutes later, the mask is wiped off and a protective layer of moisturizing cream later, you’re all set to face the world!

Post Facial

Immediately after the facial, my skin looked red – which is normal considering the extraction process. On the next day after the facial too, tiny scabs were noticeable on the spots where there had been pimples and oil accumulation.

The Results

As early as 3 days after the facial, my skin feels softer and skin tone has evened out as promised. I no longer have those unsightly white spots on my skin and this has given me confidence to go make-up free. Such a liberating feeling, this!


The ambiance at The Cure is relaxing and the staff is friendly and helpful. Be assured to be welcomed with soothing aromas and smiling faces on your visit. The experienced therapists are knowledgeable and happy to answer any skin care related queries that you may have. This is probably why they’re almost always fully booked (especially weekends), so be sure to book your appointments well in advance. Although I faced a waiting period of nearly 3 weeks, the overall experience at The Cure was well worth the wait.

Here’s a photo gallery of the ambiance at The Cure. Click on your favorite picture and scroll to see the rest.

About The Cure Beauty Spa:

The Cure Beauty Spa is a leading chain of wellness lounges with branches in Dubai Media City and Green Community. Being in the business for over 10 years, The Cure offers a wide range of services in tune with the changing needs of its growing clientele. Services include but not limited to facials, body polishing, permanent makeup, body massages, pedicures, mesotherapy, and so on.

Do Try the Spanish Facial at The Cure (AED 500 per session). A Spanish facial involves massaging of the facial muscles to keep them supple. This facial, which is carried out over a series of 10 sittings, boosts blood circulation and claims to have anti-ageing benefits.

The Cure Beauty Spa Contact Details:


Address: Dubai Media City, Building 10 (BBC World) [Click for directions to The Cure]

Telephone no: +971 4 3916485

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