Ciaté London Caviar Manicure Review*

Ciate London Caviar Manicure Review

It was a regular Tuesday afternoon when I was eagerly awaiting delivery of 2 pots of magic, that promised to do what no designer outfit or 5 inch heel could.
And when I did receive my anticipated Mother of Pearl Caviar Manicure Kit from Ciaté London – needless to say, I was psyched! After all, while everybody wears high-street outfits and designer shoes – who wouldn’t want their nails to do the talking with luxurious beads catching the light?

Ciate London Caviar Manicure Kit in Mother of Pearl
Ciate London Caviar Manicure Kit in Mother of Pearl



Don’t they look elegant?

But when it came to actually trying the product, it was a different ball game.  To be honest with you, I was intimidated at first to see the instruction booklet. I imagined a messy floor and sticky hands – so I put off using it for weeks. Thought I’d be better off taking it to the salon for expert intervention.

Mother of pearl beads in Ciate London Caviar Manicure Kit

Then, during one of my adventurous moods coupled with ample idle time, I decided to give the Caviar Manicure a try myself. Read on to see how it went.

Carefully reading the instructions, I began with polish on my little finger. Here’s how it goes:

  1. First apply 2 thick coats of nailpolish.
  2. Then while it is still wet, place your finger on the tray provided and gently pour the beads from the other bottle onto your nail. I quickly realized that what I had been dreading for weeks was in fact the easiest part. The beads quickly adhere themselves onto the wet nail polish to form a dense layer, just like that!
  3. When done, gently press the beads to stick them in place.
  4. Then, let your nails dry for 15-20 minutes and viola. You’re ready to shine!

Now this was way more easy than I thought. I was so excited that I quickly manicured the rest of my nails within minutes. Pretty pretty!

Ciate London Caviar Manicure

Replacing the beads back into the bottle is also super easy. The Caviar Manicure kit comes complete with a funnel that can be used to empty the extra beads back into the bottle, so that you can have many more manicures in the future. Neat!


When dry, the finished nails catch the light to render a pearly glow to your nails. They look especially stunning in the early morning sun or under the dazzling city lights.

Ciate London Caviar Manicure

Ciate London Caviar Manicure

However, I noticed that my pearls began to shed almost immediately after the drying time. And if you plan to clean and scrub with a Caviar Manicure on your nails, all I can say is – DON’T DO IT! I learnt it the hard way, and it doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Want to try this yourself? You may want to read some pro-tips straight from the horse’s mouth:
1. Apply thick coats of the initial nail polish for a lasting hold
2. Wait for a few seconds after pouring the beads on your nail before gently pressing them in place to avoid messy fingers
3. Apply a thin layer of your favorite top coat ONLY to the tips of your nails to seal the beads in place
4. To avoid your nail polish from drying before the beads are sprinkled, work on one nail at a time
5. To remove Caviar Manicure, use nail polish remover on a cotton pad, press and hold on the nail and wipe clean


Ciate London Caviar Manicure

The  Ciaté London Caviar Manicure is easy to execute even at home and this earns some serious brownie points from my end. What I also like about the Caviar Manicure kit is its versatility. Which means that if dense caviar beads on every nail are too much for you, experiment with different styles such as the french manicure or dabble with the ombre effect. Simply place the larger side of the funnel provided on the mouth of the bottle, with its narrower side facing your nails for more control (definitely on my to-do list)!

However, the longevity and durability leave a lot to be asked. By the end on the day, nearly half the beads had fallen and that doesn’t look pretty anymore.


Easy to use
Unique concept
Great packaging


Beads fall frequently


Final words:

Ciaté London’s Caviar Manicure kits are a unique concept for glamorous nails and I’d recommend everyone to try them out. However, keep in mind that these babies were not designed for your rigorous days but for your pampered ones. Special occasions or gala events are when  you should pull these out to up your glam game.

Also, if you want to avoid embarrassing nail art failures, use the Caviar Manicure just an hour before the big event, and you’ll be just fine.

Now that you know both sides of the spectrum, answer me this:

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Ciate’s nail kits are available to buy from Bloomingdales, Sephora, House of Fraser, selected Marks & Spencers and selected Virgin Megastores and online at Beauty Solutions Trading.

I look forward to reading all your answers and comments!

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