Boots Celebrates 10 Years in the Middle East with Exciting Promotions

If you are a regular at any of the UAE shopping hotspots, I’m sure you will find it hard to miss a Boots pharmacy lurking around the corner. Originally from the UK, Boots pharmacies are present across the Middle East with over 90 stores in the region.

I personally love the products from Mark Hill, No.7, Phyto, Bourjois, Derma E and BioDerma available at Boots – and am therefore a regular visitor at their pharmacies.

If you would like to try any of my favorites, or any that you have been coveting – now is the time to do so! Boot Pharmacies is celebrating their 10th birthday in the Middle East and will be hosting unbelievable promotions from  26th April – 23rd May, 2016.

I just couldn’t help myself but indulge in a massive haul!

Boots Celebrates 10 years in the Middle East

My Boots 10th Anniversary haul. Guilty, not guilty.
My Boots 10th Anniversary haul. Guilty, not guilty.

Tempted? Don’t head out your door just yet. Take a sneak peek at this list of Boots 10th Anniversary Offers and prepare your bucket list to avoid over spending.

Stay smart, stay stylish!


Arwa HD

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