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I am Arwa (a.k.a. Mrs HD), and I along with Mr HD – Husain would like to welcome you to Slice of Dubai – our personal journey pursuing our interests in this multi-dimensional City of Gold.


About the Authors:

Husain is a quintessential Dubai boy – born and raised in the city. This also makes him a true Dubai loyalist – who knows almost every nook and cranny of the city (except Dubai Marina, maybe). Being a ‘Finance guy’ by profession, he has an eye for detail and is great with keeping a watch on what’s upcoming and interesting about the city. His love for desserts is almost world-renowned and most of Slice of Dubai’s ‘Places’ and ‘Food’ posts are courtesy this gentleman. (Yes, you can thank him in the comments below)

I am Arwa, a Mumbaiite in heart and spirit who moved to Dubai in early 2014 following my marriage to Husain. With him, I have grown over my initial home-sickness and actually begun to relish the vibrant city that is Dubai.

I have been a tomboy all my life, but working with some leading women’s brands as a Digital Marketing professional re-awakened my latent feminine side. As a result, I have grown increasingly interested in fashion, photography and make-up  – always hungry to know more.

We founded Slice of Dubai in March 2015 as a pretext towards together exploring our little passions in this big city of dreams. It has thankfully grown into something that we love to curate day after day and is gaining interest of many brands who want to work with us.

So, if you’re a company that wants to collaborate with us, or somebody who loves what we do and wants to say hi, please visit our Contact section or simply drop in a line at sliceofdubai@gmail.com.

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However, an affiliation will not affect our opinion in any way.
This blog strictly uses photos and content that has been created the authors. If due to inevitable circumstances that is not the case, due credit to the original content creator will be given. Similarly, if you wish to use any part of our content or photographs, due permission should be taken by sending an email to sliceofdubai@gmail.com to avoid copyright infringement issues.

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