A Weird Home Remedy For Headaches, That Actually Works!

Here’s a thing about me – I’m super prone to headaches. Continuous hours in front of a computer screen, irregular eating habits, stress, sinus – all make sure that this painful monster attacks at the most undesirable times! Once during one such unpleasant bout, the Mr. HD came to me with a weird remedy for it. And you may not believe what you’re about to see…

A tub of hot water! (and yes, I like to be dramatic sometimes!)

I was as surprised as you might be when I saw what he’d brought. I mean, what’s the logical connection anyway. The pain is right at the top of my 5’6 frame, and the remedy is (quite literally) below my feet? He explained he read that the remedy had to do something with the nerve endings, and the blood flow being concentrated towards my feet or some other apparently gibberish-sounding reason.

So I gingerly immersed my feet into the hot water – partly because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, and partly because – come on, who doesn’t like the relaxing feel of a good foot soak!

5 minutes into the tub, my head was already beginning to feel lighter, and soon enough – it was gone! It worked. Yes, I will have to admit (sadly once again), that husbands are always right!

Well, a word of caution though, that if your headaches are too severe, or have been persistent – please take the advice of a certified medical practitioner. However, if it is a light one that raises it’s ugly head once in a blue moon – this ‘weird’ home remedy for headaches is definitely worth a try!

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