A Different Kind of Intimacy

The curtains were drawn, they took no time to undress,
But tonight was meant to be for another kind of closeness.

A few kisses later, they began talking instead,
Both of them conversing, lying naked in bed.

She spoke at length about her fascination with stars,

He opened his heart to reveal unhealed scars.


Each took turns to shed a tear or two,
One bringing a smile while the other was blue.

It suddenly grew cold, the smell of rain he could mark,
Two heads peering out, through the curtains in the dark.

Giggling with delight, all worries down the drain,
After all it was a sign – this untimely desert rain.

They talked till dawn, slept – entwined with fondness,
Since this was a night, meant for a different kind of closeness.

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