5 Sharaf DG DSF Deals for the Girl on the Go!

Dubai Brunette picks 5 Sharaf DG DSF deals for the girl on the go!

It had been a busy weekend, with lunches to attend and a mountain of laundry to be taken care of. To add to my woes, the cordless phone has joined the bandwagon of attention-seeking appliances, and I had to make a short trip to Sharaf DG to find it’s replacement once and for all. It was a Friday night, and it being the weekend, coupled with DSF deals – the place was a fish-market!

After having zeroed in on a phone model, I quickly took a walk around the store to snap these zippy deals that a girl on the go like you must try!

This one’s for all those of you who love taking selfies! [read: ALL of us!] While the price of the selfie stick itself was heavily marked down, with a free MP3 player in tow, the deal is a true bargain! Even while your energy may hit a low at the end of the day, ensure your gadgets are always up and running by investing in this battery bank! While it is advisable to refrain from using your phone while on the move, you can minimize the risk by the use of Bluetooth headsets to maintain your focus. Clubbed with a handy car charger at only AED 59, this deal is quite a steal! Trust Sharaf DG to ensure you keep coming back to them for more! Now get your coveted Apple EarPods for AED 129, along with a Sharaf DG voucher worth AED20 of free shopping! Isn’t this deal music to your ears? For somebody like me who keeps losing her flash drives, stocking up on a few with this exciting deal sounds like a good thing to do. Well, while you cannot get back your lost data, at least a new memory stick isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket!]

Get the complete deals catalogue on their website here: http://bit.ly/SharafDGDSFCat

Do you know of any more cool deals in Dubai to share? Tell us in the comments below!


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