Slice of Dubai Recommends: 5 Mobile Apps for Bloggers

Blogging is a full-time job, and this means that one has to keep her eyes, ears and mind open at all times. You never know when inspiration can hit, so you have to always be ready to snap, snazz and shine at that moment of calling!

To do this, every compulsive blogger will have their own list of apps and handy tools, which they use to seize each precious moment of inspiration. From photo-editing to sticky notes – the list is endless. But if I were to pick 5 mobile apps for bloggers that I feel incomplete without, it would be these.


If ideas can strike even when you’re on the go, then why can’t sharing those ideas happen from your mobile? The WordPress app for android lets me do just that! Be it composing a new post, viewing stats or even reading posts from the blogs I follow – its all a breeze with this app. Although not potent enough to perform all the complex functions as the desktop website, the app does just fine for writing, editing and publishing posts on the go.

Get the app:

WordPress for Android

WordPress for iPhone


While ideas and inspiration can hit you anytime, talking about them need not need to be done then and there. Social media experts would agree that there do exist certain times of the day when your audience is more receptive of your ideas, and we as bloggers need to catch their attention when they’re actually looking out for us!

So what do you do, when the time your audience is going to be looking out for you is going to also be the time when you’re running late for work, or attending an important meeting? Schedule your messages of course! With an extensive dashboard that supports 7 different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress and mixi, everyone can be a scheduling wiz!

What I also love about this app,  is the Auto schedule feature which, if selected, posts your messages at a time that is likely to get you more impressions. Interesting?

Get the app:

Hootsuite for Android

Hootsuite for iPhone


Did I tell you that I have always been an aspiring photographer? As much as I love shooting landscapes and creating fashion collages, it kills me when I have to sacrifice an important part of the picture simply because Instagram does not accept anything but square images! I tried SquareIt sometime ago, and haven’t looked back since! It is as simple to use as counting 1, 2, 3.. and retains the sanctity of my images. What’s not to love?

Get the app:

SquareIt for Android

SquareIt for iPhone


A large part of my research involves reading what fellow bloggers are up to, keeping up with trends, and studying their style of writing and presentation of ideas. Bloglovin’ compiles all my favorite blogs in a single feed, so that when I log in every morning, I have a great deal of stories lined up all in one place! As a registered user, you can also claim your blog and garner views from the people who follow you on Bloglovin’. I must admit, a substantial number of visitors on my blog are those who have been redirected from this site. Definitely worth a try! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Get the app:

Bloglovin’ for Android

Bloglovin’ for iPhone


When it comes to creating quality images by adjusting brightness and contrast, adding filters or text and much more – PicsArt for Android is a must have go-to app! In just one app, you can edit your photos, add stickers or text, create collages, and drawings, as well as connect to a community of artists who’re out there to create and showcase their work. I love this app as it provides me with a source of inspiration, as well as a platform to create my own inspiring designs.

Get the app: 

PicsArt for Android

PicsArt for iPhone

Is there an app on you phone that you simply cannot do without? Share it with fellow readers in the comments below!

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