20 AED or Less – The Dirham Store Challenge

Slice of Dubai Dirham Store Challenge

In an age of an ever-increasing cost of living, how difficult (or easy) it is to buy anything of value in AED 20 or less? Inspired by Mona Girish and nominated by Rahma Talwar, I decided to find out just that.

On one of my more adventurous days, I hopped on over to my friendly neighborhood ‘Day to Day’ store to take the Dirham Store challenge armed with 20 bucks in my wallet. The aim : to find value buys that are both useful, and easy on the pocket.

How did I fare? Read on to find out!

A set of 3 hair clamps: AED 5

Set of 3 hair clamps: AED 5
Just like rubber bands, my hair clamps either keep breaking or getting misplaced. Hence, when I decided to take the Dirham Store Challenge, finding a good quality clip was on the top of my list. After scouring through racks of hair clip boxes that looked as cheap as they cost, I found this set in an obscure corner.
These hair clamps fit perfectly in my hair and look good too. The fact that these come in 3 neutral colors for only AED 5 is such a bonus!

Golden Leaf Necklace: AED 5.50

Gold Necklace, AED 5

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry, and this little necklace with dangling leaves is anything but dull! It perfectly complements my low cut tops and I have already worn it on a few outings for a dash of sophistication. For AED 5.50, this one’s an absolute steal!

Makeup sponges: AED 3.50Makeup Sponges on Dubai Lifestyle blog

Makeup sponges come handy when you want your foundation to have a satin-smooth finish without looking patchy. While round sponges are meant for larger portions of your face, these angular sponges are perfect for those difficult areas such as the corners of my eyes or under the nose.

And the colors are so pretty! OK, I just bought these for the gorgeous pastel colors, but I will try using them. Yes.

Powder Brush : AED 6

Powder Brush

My most expensive purchase, yet arguably the most fruitful – this powder brush for AED 6 is a steal! Its bristles are soft, dense and the brush doubles up as a foundation cum blush applicator for a natural, well-blended look. To add a cherry on top, this brush also photographs very well, don’t you think?

So, a total of 9 items in AED 20 was not a bad deal at all (Take that, naysayers!)

Taking the Dirham store challenge was a lot of fun – especially when there are so many things that you discover that would make for a good value purchase. Sticking to the AED 20 budget was the most difficult aspect of the challenge, as your evil impulsive inner voice adds so many extra products in your mental shopping basket.

But for what its worth, I did feel like I came back home with some useful yet inexpensive purchases.

Which one is your favorite?


Now, its time to pass on the bait. I further nominate Mintberry DubaiChandni Lahoti and Unlavish Style to take this challenge. All you have to do is visit your closest Dirham store and find useful yet value for money items totaling a sum of exactly 20AED. Ladies, this challenge is more difficult than it sounds!

If anybody else reading this is excited about trying this out, do take up the Dirham Store challenge and tag me in your post or write to me at sliceofdubai@gmail.com so that I can read about all your interesting finds. All the very best!

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