100 Words: Water

He knows something’s wrong. He’s upset I no longer share my problems with him. He says we’re growing apart.

I smile at his exaggeration. Emotional blackmail has been favourite ploy.
I try to explain that I’m still vulnerable. I would relent later, once the storm has passed.
But his face is still sulking. I know I have lost.
I launch into my story staring blankly at the poster behind. Wronged, insulted, humiliated, yet keeping myself strong enough to tell the tale.
I’m glad I’m not crying.
But when I look up at him, I see water in his eyes!

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Husain AfricawaLa

you have the ability to touch the heart with your words!!! you are amazing


It is people like these that we hold on to! 🙂

The Intellectual Traveller

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