100 Words: Reality Check

Woman Raped by Unidentified Man

Senior Citizens Murdered by House-Help

Train Mishap Kills 200

“What happened to the more important news?”
On his train back home, he cynically folded the newspaper back to its original form.

“Where is the coverage on Business? Politics? Sport?”

“Why should I be bothered with news of tragedies that happen with Other People? They’re never going to happen to me!”
He distracted himself by thinking about the things his wife and kids would be doing on their Camping Trip to the mountains.
Suddenly, on his cell-phone flashed an unfamiliar number. A chill ran through his spine.

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The Intellectual Traveller

An unidentified caller when you are on roaming network is always so tempting! Mostly its a telemarketing agent trying to sell you something! Sometimes its an old friend who thought of you on that fateful day!
How do you fit it all in 100 words! Amazing! 🙂